YouTube Music for Android and iOS now displays song lyrics for selected tracks

YouTube Music for Android and iOS now displays song lyrics

YouTube Music has been updated to display song lyrics for selected tracks. The new song lyrics feature is available for both YouTube for Android and iOS. However, real-time lyrics are not supported in this update. You will be able to view the lyrics when the song is being played. The popular tech portal The verge had spotted the appearance of the new feature of the YouTube Music app. The lyrics will be displayed below the song being played.

To view the lyrics, you should tap the “i” button located to the left of the song title in the YouTube Music playback interface. Once done, the lyrics will automatically pop up on the screen.

You should note that the lyrics are supplied by LyricFind. You can only manually scroll through the lyrics in the YouTube Music interface. However, the lyrics don’t scroll automatically or highlight the words as you follow the song along. The lyrics will be displayed in one go instead of based on the school rendering.

YouTube Music will have to go a long way because Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music not only display lyrics but also highlights them. You will not be able to view the lyrics for all songs in the YouTube Music app but only for selected songs.

Lyrics For Selected Songs Displayed on YouTube Music

According to The Verge, the song lyrics for “The Man” and “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift are displayed. However, the lyrics for “Worry About Me” by Ellie Goulding are not displayed.

YouTube Music App Showing Lyrics
Credits: The Verge

As of this writing, the song lyrics feature is not available in India and hence we are unable to view the new feature. Google will roll out the new update on a phased manner and it will take a few days for the new update to hit your devices.

You should note that the YouTube Music app is available in both free and premium formats. However, few song lyrics are displayed for both users. There are chances that the song lyrics will display for premium subscription plan users. The premium package provides ad-free and offline tunes for $10 per month. You can also opt for a family plan for $15, which helps you to enjoy music with up to five family members.

While Spotify has a premium subscriber base of 124 million, Apple Music is next in the pipeline with 60 million subscribers. If you look at Amazon Music, the streaming service has got 55 million users. Google will have to work hard to gain more customers for the YouTube Music app before it’s too late.


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