Xiaomi outstrips Huawei to hit the third smartphone sales slot in February

Xiaomi outstrips Huawei to hit the third smartphone sales slot in February

Xiaomi has taken over the smartphone giant Huawei to become the third-biggest smartphone manufacturer in February. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi has surpassed the expectations when compared with Huawei with regard to global smartphone sales. While Xiaomi had shipped 6 million smartphones in February, Huawei only managed to ship out 5.5 million devices during the same period. The core reason for this trend is because of the online-first approach being adopted by Xiaomi.

If you look at the figures for the month of January, Huawei shipped 12.2 million as against 10 million Xiaomi devices. The whole trend is very clear. The smartphone shipments have been considerably declined in February when compared with January. The reason for this trend is attributed to the global COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the report released by Strategy Analytics, the global smartphone shipments drastically fell 38% in February 2020 with 61.8 million units as against 99.2 million units in February 2019.

Samsung tops the list with 18.2 million shipments against 20.1 million in January 2020. Even though Apple still maintains the second position with 10.2 million, the company faced a decline of over 6 million because of the eruption of the Coronavirus.

Xiaomi outstrips Huawei to hit the third smartphone sales slot in February

If you examine the statistics, you will notice that the overall shipments for January and February have declined for all companies compared with the Q3 2019.

OPPO managed to ship 4 million units, Vivo hits the sixth position with 3.6 million in February as against 106 million units in 2019. The deadly COVID-19 has rattled the smartphone manufacturing companies worldwide.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics reveals that the smartphone market faced the biggest slump is not only the supply but also demand in February 2020.

In addition to China, smartphone sales tremors also occurred in Asia and the rest of the world. The industry will have to forget the period and have to focus on the remaining quarters of 2020.

With many countries proceeding towards lockdown to eliminate community spread of the virus, the smartphone sales are expected to decline in March and April as well.

We are expecting the worst sales numbers for the month of March as well. We have to wait and watch how the situation unfolds during the Q2 2020. The companies will have to rethink their strategy with the offline retail shops shutting down due to the lockdown.

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