Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser & Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash Launched in Nepal

Several tech companies have been taking meaningful initiative over the past few months in light of the recent COVID crisis. The Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi too brought an automatic soap dispenser to be a part of the cause. The Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser that was introduced a month back is now made available in the Nepal market. Xiaomi has also brought Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash alongside the soap dispenser.

Xiaomi has tons of lifestyle products and a handful of those products are available in Nepal. Let’s check the specifications, features, price, and availability of the new Xiaomi products in Nepal in detail.

Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Specifications & Features

The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser features a matte finish design. As the name suggests, the soap dispenser comes with auto-hand detection to save the hands from touching the dispenser’s body. It has built-in proximity infrared sensor that is said to have 60-90mm infrared sensing.

Xiaomi claims that the smart device can dispense foam in 0.25 seconds and can be used up to 375 times. Moreover, the dispenser controls the foaming ratio of gas to liquid to 12:1.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal

The automatic soap dispenser is made of eco-friendly material. It uses a low-noise micro efficiency motor to release the foam silently. It has a rubber damping structure as well meant for foaming of the liquid soap. The soap dispenser uses 4 AA batteries to function.

Xiaomi is using a micro high-efficiency motor that operates silently and its rubber damping structure enables foaming of the liquid soap. It uses natural ingredients with the pH value of the foam close to that of your skin.

Key Specs of Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser:

  • Name: Mi Soap Dispenser
  • Model Name: MJXSJ03XW
  • Material: ABS (eco-friendly)
  • Design: Matte finish
  • Rated Voltage: 6V
  • Battery Type: Alkaline AA battery
  • Operating Temperature: 5°-40°C
  • Operating Humidity: 0-85% RH
  • Sensor: Proximity infrared sensor (60-90mm infrared sensing)
  • Motor: Silent micro efficiency motor

Xiaomi Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash

Xiaomi Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash

Xiaomi has also brought the liquid soap named Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash to accompany the soap dispenser. Xiaomi notes that the foam does not leave any residue and that the pH level of the foam is closer to human skin. Besides cleaning, it moisturizes the hands as well.

Key Features:

  • Balanced pH
  • Clean & Protective
  • Refreshing Fragrance

Key Specs of Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash (Liquid Soap)

  • Product Name: Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash (Pack of 3)
  • Product Dimensions: 225 x 75 x 114mm
  • Gross Weight: 1140.8 grams
  • Net Weight: 981 grams
  • Materials: Liquid
  • Colors: Transparent
  • Certifications: “Import Registration” from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization/Microorganism/Pb/National Standard

How To Install Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash into Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

how to install mi foaming handwash into mi automatic soap dispenser

Step 1: Unscrew the top cover of the bottle counterclockwise.

Step 2: Remove the silicone plug.

Step 3: Turn the bottle gently clockwise until it is firmly installed on Mi Automatic Soap DIspenser.

Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser, Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash Price in Nepal & Availability

Xiaomi has launched its new smart products for a price starting at Rs 1,499. The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser price in Nepal is Rs. 2,299. Whereas, the pack of three Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash price in Nepal is Rs. 1,499. The products will be soon available across all Mi authorized stores across Nepal.

Mi Smart Product Price in Nepal
Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser
(1 x Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash Included)
NPR 2,299
Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash (Pack of 3) NPR 1,499

FYI: Batteries for Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser won’t come with the pack and you’ll have to purchase it separately.