Worldlink 5G Offer brings faster and better internet connection in Nepal

Nowadays, work at home is gaining momentum due to the distress caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Hence, people require high-speed Internet access to enable them to access the web without any interruption. Worldlink is here to rescue the people of Nepal in these troubling times.

The company has announced Worldlink 5G Offers to provide faster and better Internet services. Worldlink has introduced dual-band router with uninterrupted video streaming and seamless connectivity. Moreover, you will be able to experience blazing speed connectivity coupled with lag-free gaming.

Worldlink provides dual-band over single band connectivity, which enables you to work with high speed. The Worldlink new dual-band Wi-Fi router operates in 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies, which gives a unique Internet experience. You will be able to transfer large files quickly including seamless HD video streaming. The Gaming experience will be unique with excellent Internet speed.

Worldlink 5G Plans and Offers

Worldlink is offering two plans comprising of 40Mbps and 60Mbps speeds in its 5G offer. The 40Mbps plan is available for 2 and 3 TVs respectively. You can opt for either 3 or 12 months packages. The company is offering NETTV All Channels, SafeNet, Time Back and WiFi Mobility support with all plans.

You have to pay NPR 5800 and NPR 18900 for 3 months and 12 months of 40Mbps plan for two TVs. If you would like to opt for 3 TV packages with 40Mbps speed, you will have to pay NPR 6200 and NPR 19900 for 3 and 12 months respectively.

Worldlink offers different types of Internet set-up such as drop wire and fiber router rental. The Drop wire setup is free for 12 months, while it costs NPR 1000 for the fiber router rental. Worldlink is charging NPR 500 as a refundable deposit. The company charges activation and deposit charges for the Primary and Secondary TVs respectively. The cost is NPR 500 for the Primary TV, while it’s NPR 1500 for the secondary TV. You can order new packages from the official Worldlink website.

According to Worldlink, customers in the Gold plans can shift only within other Gold packages. The company will refund the deposit upon returning the router in working condition. Moreover, the fair usage policy is applicable in unlimited plans. The new Gold plans are exclusively oriented for residential purposes and should not be resold or used for business purposes.