Vivo Nepal extends warranty in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak

Vivo Nepal Coronavirus

Vivo has announced an extension of the warranty for its smartphones as a result of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown. If the warranty period of your device expires on March 22, 2020, then the revised date will be May 23, 2020. This means you have two months extra time to get your device serviced from your nearest Vivo authorized service center.

Vivo has closed all its service centers and showrooms to fight against COIVD-19 and hence you need not have to rush to claim your warranty.

In a statement released to the press, Vivo requested all customers to stay home and stay safe due to the alarming increase of the COVID-19 cases throughout Nepal. The company also expressed the hope that the situation will return back to normalcy within the stipulated lockdown time.

Vivo customers can reach out to the company’s official website and social media channels for all service-related queries. The company has also suspended all its upcoming new product launches offline.

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Vivo Salutes Unsung Heroes

Vivo has also released a new digital film “Heroes Who Care” in partnership with Dentsu Impact. The short film salutes the doctors, nurses and all the medical staff who are working non-stop to save patients who suffer from the deadly Coronavirus. The purpose of this film is to remind people to be inside the four walls of their homes and practice social distancing.

The film is an excellent creation to laud the efforts of not only the medical community but also field workers and those who prepare food for the needy people in this hour of crisis. As part of the efforts to combat COVID-19, Vivo also announced that they have donated over 2 lakhs surgical and N95 masks to support the unsung heroes.


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