Apple Announces Universal Purchase For Mac Apps

Apple announces universal purchase for Mac Apps

Apple has thrown open universal purchase for Mac Apps. You can now include a macOS version of your app in a universal purchase. Your customers will not only be able to enjoy your app but also in-app purchases across a wide range of platforms such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. You only need to purchase once.

In order to distribute your apps together as a universal purchase, your apps should make use of a single bundle ID. You can configure your app record for universal purchase in App Store Connect. It is possible to create a new app record to enable you to use for all platform versions. You can also add new platform versions to an existing app record.

You can upload your apps to the app record using a single bundle ID. The bundle ID should match with the ID you enter in App Store Connect. However, apps can have different version numbers and build strings. It is not possible to modify the bundle ID after you upload a build to App Store Connect. You will not be able to delete the App ID in your developer account. The platform works identical to the Amazon Alexa Developer Skills program.

Approval by App Review Team

The submissions will be reviewed by the Apple team. However, there is a condition. Your app will be available only as a universal purchase only if the multiple platform versions are approved by the App Review team.

If only one version is approved, then your app won’t be eligible for universal purchase. Apple will not provide a facility to disable universal purchase or remove a single platform version from the app record.

As a developer, you have a choice to make an in-app purchase available in multiple platform versions of your app. Firstly, you need to create a single in-app purchase under the Features tab in App Store Connect. You can then make use of the StoreKit to integrate the in-app purchase in several platform versions of your app.

Apps that are part of a universal purchase can be offered as an app bundle on the App Store. With the help of the app bundle, you will be able to download up to 10 apps together.

You should note that apps that are part of a universal purchase are still counted as one app in the bundle. The app bundle includes an exclusive product page with the ability to add a unique icon, name, and description.

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