Twitter Reportedly Joined Microsoft In The Contest To Acquire TikTok

After Microsoft Twitter Joins The Race To Acquire TikTok

TikTok is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Ever since India banned TikTok after the Border clash, US also joined the party with an aggressive approach towards the Chinese-based ByteDance. President Donald Trump has issued a stern warning to block TikTok if steps are not taken to protect the privacy and security of the data.

Fearing an imminent ban in the US, which will prove costly for the company, ByteDance approached Microsoft for a possible acquisition in the US.

The Redmond-based giant responded positively intending to acquire the TikTok operations. The micro-blogging giant Twitter has also reportedly expressed a keen interest to acquire TikTok.

Twitter TikTok Merger Unlikely To Happen

According to WSJ, Twitter has reportedly reached out to ByteDance with a proposal for a potential partnership. Even though Twitter is keen to acquire TikTok, the chances are less considering the sour relationship with the Trump administration.

To recall, Trump had signed an executive order in May 2020, which limits the broad legal protections enjoyed by social media companies. Twitter had blocked Trump’s tweets with a fact-checking warning, and this has angered the administration.

Moreover, Mike Pompeo also disclosed that TikTok could be banned over privacy issues, and they support India’s ban. We infer that Twitter will not receive support or clearance for the acquisition from the Trump administration.

After US President Donald Trump signed an executive order against TikTok by raising national security concerns, the app is undergoing strict scrutiny with the law enforcement authorities. The company has been given a strict deadline, and the company is finding it hard to survive after its ultimate ban in India. The only option left before ByeDance is to either sell TikTok to a US-based company or cut-off the entire US operations, which is bleak considering the wide userbase of the app.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is currently working on a deal to complete the TikTok’s acquisition process before September 15, 2020. The company has given assurance during the meeting between Trump and CEO Satya Nadella. If the deal is not signed before the deadline, then the app will be removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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The Chinese company is already suffering colossal loss after its ban in India. The company can’t think of another ban, which will affect its prospects to a large extent.

TikTok has threatened to initiate legal action against the Trump administration’s decision to ban TikTok over national security concerns.

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