18 Super Interesting & Cool Websites You Must Visit

Super Interesting & Cool Websites You Must Visit

I have made a top list of some cool websites, which I think you should consider visiting frequently whenever you’re bored or get free time. While going out for my daily business, I stumbled across several cool new websites. These are totally out-of-the-ordinary and ridiculously awesome websites, which are worth visiting.

I have added all the below-mentioned best fun websites to my bookmarks folder. I don’t visit the sites daily but on weekends or whenever I am bored, they never disappoint me. Maybe you should check these popular websites too.

There are plenty of temporary relaxation websites that allow just to calm yourself down. So, without any further ado, we will be taking a quick look at some of the best websites on the Internet that will help you relax your nerves and also maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

List of Interesting and Cool Websites [Best of 2023]

If you want to cure boredom, then you need to feast your eyes with these best websites of 2023. On the below list, you’ll find only the coolest websites on the Internet. Through this blog post, we are happy to share the best of the sites, which includes a useful internet tool, a new amazing music website, a new video site, a productive online tool, and much more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the best cool websites on the web.

1. Pollock – Only for Artistic Bend of Mind

Description: For those of you with an artistic bent of mind, here’s a good chance to try your hand at Modernism! Splatter paint on the canvas to make your own original creations, ala Jackson Pollock.

Visit Website: Pullock

2. Draw a Stickman – Take Your Creature On An Adventure

Description: Draw a stickman and then take it on an adventurous trip. This cool website is actually a time machine that will transport you straight to your childhood.

Visit Website: Draw a Stickman

3. Incredibox

Description: This site is for those of you who always want a little music in their lives. This website puts a full band of beatboxers at your disposal.

Visit Website: Incredibox

4. Smarty Pins – Play A Triva Game Based On Google Maps

Description: This is a Google Maps based trivia game. See how well you know the world – answer questions and pinpoint the geographical location correctly. The closer you pin to the actual location, the better.

Visit Website: Smarty Pins

5. The Useless Web – Explore The World Of Useless Websites

Description: An oldie but a goodie, this is the Inception of the useless web world. This website takes you to another brilliant and useless website every time you click.

Visit Website: The Useless Web

6. This Is Why I’m Broke

Description: This website shows you all the excellent things that you could buy on the internet. These totally useless things, that are also so, very attractive are either going to make you learn the art of resisting temptation or make you very, very broke.

Visit Website: This is Why I’m Broke

7. Fly Guy

Description: This game takes the boring out of the ordinary, letting you fly your character high enough, and you’ll be sure to meet some really exciting characters.

Visit Website: Fly Guy

8. Is It Normal?S IT NORMAL?

Description: The website will help you understand whether your thoughts, feelings, and urges are normal or weird and just unique to you.

Visit Website: Is It Normal?

9. Honest Slogans

Description: Created by a graphic designer – Clif Dickens, Honest Slogans pokes fun at iconic brands by remixing their logos with slogans that convey what people actually think about that brand.

Visit Website: Honest Slogans

10. Rich Kids of Instagram

Description: The social sites are the new hangouts for people to show off and this interesting website is a perfect example. It captures the lavish lifestyle of the rich guys through images posted on Instagram.

Visit Website: Rick Kids of Instagram

11.Useful Science

Description: This website offers a collection of one-line summaries of research published in scientific journals on topics ranging from health to productivity to creativity.

Visit Website: Useful Science

12. Experience Mount Everest in 3D

Description: This website is a Virtual 3D Trek to the Summit of the Everest peak.

Visit Website: Mount Everest in 3D


Description: Buzzfeed has grown into one of the most popular websites among the teens and youngsters. This website offers Listicles and GIFs based articles that are fun, humorous and informative too sometimes.

Visit Website: Buzzfeed

14. Cracked

Description: Advertised as ‘America’s only Humor Site’, this is definitely one of the must-visit websites for any internet user. Inundated with hundreds of informative and interesting articles, Cracked is one great website.

Visit Website: Cracked

15. Chesscademy

Description: Chesscademy is an interactive website and is a fun way to learn how to play a game of Chess. The website also features tons of videos and puzzles to master yourself in this game.

Visit Website: Chesscademy

16. Hemingway App

Description: Hemingway App, named after the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway is basically a free grammar and error checking tool to improve your writing significantly. Get rid of those cliches and improper adverbial usage with this web app.

Visit Website: Hemingway App

17. Solitaired

Description: The free gaming website has a vast inventory of classic card games that include Solitaire, Freecell, Spider, Hearts, and even Yahtzee. Single and multiplayer options are available, as well as the ability to create a gaming account where users can track their progress and see their score on the leaderboard.

Visit Website: Solitaired

18. Im-A-Puzzle

Description: Try out thousands of high definition puzzles online for free. Players can select through a large library of jigsaw puzzles that include art, landscapes, pop culture, and even user uploaded images. Additionally, players can switch difficulty settings and even compete against themselves on a timer.

Visit Website: Im-A-Puzzle

12 Top Interesting Websites (Full of Fun)

  • Upvoted – The best, most interesting stuff from Reddit.
  • Notey – Top stories from the best blogs, daily.
  • How Far From Home – A couple traveling the world and taking amazing photos.
  • Huckberry – The coolest clothes and gears for guys.
  • DevArt – Art made with code.
  • Touch of Modern – Shop the coolest stuff in the world.
  • How Stuff Works – Stuff to blow your mind.
  • Unsplash – FREE stock photos which you can use any way you’d like.
  • Nerd Fitness – Helps desk jockeys, nerds and average Joes level up their lives.
  • The Sweet Setup – Recommending best iOS and Mac apps.
  • Listverse – Ultimate top 10 lists.
  • Love This Pic – Inspiring pictures, images, and quotes.

Apart from the above-mentioned cool websites, there are some more websites on the web like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Quora, Lifehacker, etc. where you can get a lot of interesting and cool stuff to kill the time and learn something new.

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