Top Streaming Platforms For Sports and Live TV Lovers in 2022

The technological era demands modern and affordable solutions. In the early 80s and 90s, people used to rely heavily on television to watch live sports events, news, movies, sitcoms, and documentaries. With the passage of time and the evolution of the internet, dependency on television reduced drastically. Due to the higher cost of cable services, TV lovers preferred to cut the cord to save some money and control their budget. Streaming is becoming popular nowadays due to its affordability and mobility.

All you need to do is have an internet connection and a device on which you can start streaming. If you are still in the search of the best internet provider in your area, try checking Spectrum for your daily internet usage. Not only will it offer unlimited data allowance, but also offer seamless customer support for both native and Spanish speakers. If you want to get any information regarding internet services, try contacting spectrum servicio al cliente with 24/7 support.

Best Streaming Services To Watch Live TV Channels and Sports

Now you are equipped with the basic requirement for streaming to help you watch live shows and movies on the go. Let’s now take a look at some of the best streaming services where you can watch live TV channels. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the top streaming services in 2022 and a great alternative to cable, especially if you are a sports fan. The streaming platform offers a wide selection of channels as many as 85. It can replace your expensive cable subscription for only $64.99 per month. You can get access to most of the channels including Disney, HGTV, Food Network, Nick Jr. PBS, MTV, and many more. And if you want to catch up with sports, you will also be offered channels like NBC and ESPN.

The YouTube TV subscription allows you to stream content on as many as three different devices and allows you to create six profiles. Moreover, the DVR storage helps you to record your favorite programs when you are out without bearing any extra charges. The recordings can be kept for up to 9 months.

2. Hulu + Live TV

The second on our list is Hulu + Live TV as the best streaming platform for cord-cutters. It is a unique streaming platform that offers both on-demand content as well as live TV channels. It is regarded as the top competitor of Netflix, but if you want to get both, Hulu is a much better option than Netflix.

Hulu + Live TV comes at a monthly price of $69.99, offering access to over 75 channels including sports and local networks. On top of it, you will also be able to record 50 hours of program and stream on up to two screens simultaneously. If you want to get rid of ads, you will need to pay an additional $6 per month, which is not a bad deal at all.

3. FuboTV

Cord cutters are increasing with each passing day due to whopping high cable bills. But sports lovers can’t live even a day without watching their favorite teams and players in action. That is where fuboTV comes into action to offer live sporting channels for a monthly cost of $64.99 per month. The service includes more than 100 channels including ESPN, NFL Network, and college sports. The streaming platform also offers three streams simultaneously along with 250 hours of DVR space.

However, if you are looking for more options, you can also try Latino Quarterly plans costing $33 per month which includes sports and Spanish programming. Moreover, there is also fubo extra which includes 1000 hours of DVR storage and unlimited simultaneous streams. If you want to try its service, you can get a free 7-day trial.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV is another great option for streamers and cord-cutters in 2022. The free plan and paid plans can be great ways to customize them based on your requirements. Surprisingly the two plans come at the same price i.e. $35 per month. But there is also an option to combine both these plans and save at least $20 per month. Not to worry, you will be getting more than what you would get in a single plan. Sling Blue and Sling Orange cost $35 per month, but if you bundle them up, you will be getting them for only $50 per month.

Some of the most popular channel lineups include AMC, Fox News, ESPN, NFL Network, BET, and CNN. However, it also depends on the package you select. If you are interested in listening to the breaking and spicy news, you can select Sling Blue, while if you and your family members are more inclined towards sports, then Sling Orange is the best option to pick. If you are a big sports fan and can’t afford hefty cable bills, then trying Sling TV is worth every penny.

Summing Up

Streaming services are the future and unless they don’t play tricks with their customers, people would surely prefer to cut the cord. At least, it is suitable for busy people who are on the move all the time and can’t sit in one place to watch their favorite shows and channels. Moreover, frequent movers can also rely on streaming services as they do not require any contractual obligations, complex setup, and other nitty-gritty. Make sure to consider the aforementioned streaming platforms for all your entertainment needs.