5 Best Companies for Software Penetration Testing in the USA

5 Best Companies for Software Penetration Testing in the USA

When it comes to software penetration testing, the United States is a major player. The country is home to some of the top pentesting companies in the world, and you can take advantage of some of the best services in the industry. Read on to find out if software penetration testing is for you and the top five companies in the USA that provides this kind of testing.

Does My Software Need Penetration Testing?

If you have confidential or sensitive data that you want to protect, then penetration testing is a good way to identify and fix security issues in software.

Depending on where the software is being used it could be obvious whether penetration testing is a must or not. Some organizations require it by law, and some to meet compliance requirements. The most common industries that require penetration testing would be:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Credit Card Companies

Benefits of Software Penetration Testing

Some of the benefits of software pentesting include:

  • Improved security posture.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches.
  • Increased confidence in software security.
  • Recognizing and correcting flaws before they are exploited by hackers.
  • Detection of malicious activity that may have gone undetected.
  • Testing for compliance with industry and government regulations.
  • The evaluation of the efficiency of security procedures in place.

How Often Will I Have To Get Pentested?

The frequency with which you should get your software pentested depends on a number of factors, such as the type of organization that is using it, and the industry it operates in. For example, a company that processes credit card data may have to get pentested every quarter while one that processes health records would need to undergo it annually.

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Cost of Software Penetration Testing in the US

The cost of software penetration testing varies widely depending on the provider and service you choose. A simple scan can be as low as $500, but a comprehensive pentest that includes reporting and remediation advice can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Top 5 Software Penetration Testing Service Providers in the USA

Now that you know a little more about software pentesting, it’s time to take a look at some of the top companies providing this service in the United States. Here are our top five picks:

1. Astra Security

Astra Security is a major information security firm that provides penetration testing and other services. Its team of experts offers a range of testing types from mobile application pentesting to API security assessments with its flagship product being Astra Pentest which provides all these tests plus more. They test your applications and networks against 3000+ known vulnerabilities based on the OWASP top ten and some of the top compliance requirements like SOC 2, NIST, PCI DSS, etc. The tool updates you in real time when new threats are detected and suggests ways to fix them.

Astra Security also performs security audits in various domains, be it blockchain or on your network infrastructure.

2. Offensive Security

This is a world-renowned provider of penetration testing services, training, and tools. Offensive Security offers a variety of courses for information security professionals, including the Kali Linux certification program which is focused on teaching penetration testing methodologies.

Offensive Security also provides pentesting services to organizations around the world through its Penetration Testing (Penetrex) and WMD programs. Penetrex includes assessments such as vulnerability scanning, web application assessment, social engineering testings, etc., while WMD offers red teaming/pentesting engagements that are designed to simulate real-world attacks against an organization.

3. BreachLock

BreachLock is a first of its kind having developed one of the best penetration testing tools that integrate AI (artificial intelligence) to help identify vulnerabilities in web applications. The company offers many services, including pentesting, vulnerability assessment, and security auditing.

BreachLock has a team of highly skilled professionals with experience in various domains such as application security, network security, system administration, etc.

4. CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike provides endpoint protection and threat intelligence services to large organizations around the world. It was founded in 2011 by two co-founders Dimitri Alperovitch and George Kurtz and is headquartered in California, United States.

CrowdStrike offers a variety of services such as threat intelligence, managed security services, professional services, etc. Its Falcon platform is used to detect and prevent attacks on endpoints. The company has been featured in various news outlets for its work in the information security industry.

5. HackerOne:

HackerOne is a vulnerability management and bug bounty platform that helps organizations host bug bounties for their software.

HackerOne has a platform that helps organizations manage their vulnerability disclosure programs and connect with security researchers from around the world. The company has been featured in various news outlets for its work in the information security industry.


Pentesting services help you find vulnerabilities in your applications and networks before an attacker does, which can help prevent data breaches and other cyber attacks.

It’s crucial to hire a company that has prior experience in your field and provides a comprehensive penetration testing service. Astra Security, Offensive Security, BreachLock, CrowdStrike, and HackerOne are among the top five software penetration testing service providers in the USA. They have a number of services to help you find any if not all flaws in your software.

The cost of software penetration testing can be expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost in the end.

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