Top 10 Sites to Play Poker Online and Earn Real Money in 2023

Players from all over the world can sign up and play poker India online at poker sites India, but the rules vary depending on where they are. Several poker sites in India now allow you to play online in India. GetMega is one of the best poker sites in India that allows you to earn money while playing your favorite games, including poker. You can play the best poker online in India with GetMega. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve ranked the best poker sites in India based on promotions, cashback, ease of use, and withdrawals!

Top 10 Best Sites To Play Poker Online in 2023

1. GetMega Poker

GetMega Poker is a platform that allows you to play games online while earning real money. It is a multiplayer platform that allows for a variety of games and provides numerous earning opportunities. Here are some advantages to playing games on GetMega: 


  • attractive welcome bonus 
  • A fascinating referral programme 
  • Deposits and withdrawals are simple. 
  • Authenticated player profiles are completely safe and secure. 
  • Audio-video chat functionality

2. Spartan Poker

It is yet another excellent place to begin your online poker journey. It is also one of the more well-known online poker platforms. SpartanPoker offers a variety of incentives and bonuses. 


  • There are numerous games to choose from. 
  • Can be played regardless of country 
  • In terms of connectivity, this is a dependable game. 
  • Excellent and confirmed payout

3. Khelo 365

You can try out new poker variants at khelo365. Khelo365 now offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple (OFC), Texas 6+, Boost, and Reverse Hold’em as new poker variants. 

  • Advantages Safety precautions 
  • Payment options that are both quick and secure 
  • System for reducing and preventing fraud 
  • Excellent online customer service

4. Poker Bazzi

They only offer the two most popular poker variants, Texas Hold’em and Omaha. The platform is safe and neutral for all players, whether they are experienced or inexperienced. If you have any questions about the website, you can visit their blog for more information. It is one of the best online Indian poker sites in India, allowing you to play poker online in India with fictitious funds. 


  • The poker website is only available to Indian players. 
  • You get a fantastic welcome bonus and promotion. Offers 
  • This website’s transactions are 256 bit SSL encrypted. 
  • There are numerous banking options available. 
  • The Poker Baazi app is available on all platforms.

5. 9Stacks

It is one of the most well-known online poker rooms. The only limitation of India’s best poker sites is that you can only play Texas Hold’em (though most people choose to play this variation only). The platform has grown in popularity in recent years. 


  • This application is available for download on any platform. 
  • It provides the quickest and safest withdrawal.
  • The website is entirely legal. 
  • You also get your own private tables. 
  • A variety of poker tournament formats are available in India.

6. ADDA52

You will receive a freeroll after signing up for the website, and the gaming is very balanced. It is one of India’s best freeroll poker sites. It hosts several tournaments and provides new ways to win extra money. As a result, if you’re new to online poker and want to learn more, this is the place to be. 


  • It has an excellent user interface. 
  • There are interesting tournaments and payoffs on the website. 
  • A table is always available. 
  • Customer service is extremely responsive. 
  • Cash withdrawal and deposit are simple and quick Cons 
  • Initially, new users are preferred.

7. Poker Yaar

PokerYaar is an excellent online platform for experiencing the thrilling excitement of poker. It also allows you to select the rooms in which you want to play, which can affect your chances of winning. PokerYaar also lets you practise various poker games with fictitious money. When you’re ready, switch to real money mode. The website is also extremely safe and secure, protecting your personal information. 


  • It is a completely legal website. 
  • Cashouts and bonuses are quick and simple to obtain. 
  • This platform’s users are 100% verified App is available for download on various platforms, including Android, MAC, PC, and IOS.

8. Mad Over Poker

The app can be downloaded on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Macintosh. Mad Over Poker offers two of the most popular poker variants: Texas Hold’em and Omaha. They accept payments from a variety of other payment platforms and have a high level of transaction and data privacy security. Furthermore, the poker website secures fantastic online deals for you to enjoy. 


  • Withdrawal is possible within 24 hours. 
  • Furthermore, the website is RNG-certified. 
  • This website has also been verified by the gaming lab. 
  • It is available for free download on all major platforms.

9. Poker Dangal

The website is owned by Xeta Networks. The safe platform provides several options for taking part in various events. 

  • The website’s cashout is almost instant. 
  • The welcome bonus is enormous. 
  • It is a legitimate poker website. 
  • The application is cross-platform compatible. 
  • There are numerous deposit options available.

10. Poker Stars

PokerStars has an international version as well. It provides a variety of poker games so that you can play your favorite. They offer a support system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will also receive a bonus after signing up. 


  • You have a variety of gaming options. 
  • The customer service is outstanding. 
  • It is safe and secure 
  • Several promotional opportunities are supported by the platform.