TikTok Remains Unbeaten, Emerges As The Most Popular Social Media App

TikTok Remains Unbeaten, Emerges As The Most Popular Social Media App

TikTok’s unprecedented craze across the globe continues to turn the tide in favor of ByteDance, the Chinese Internet company that owns TikTok and many other Gen-Z apps like Helo, and Vigo Video, among others. As per the recent data published by apps’ analytics and intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the magic of TikTok remains unbeaten in the social media category worldwide.

Once mighty social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now continue to face competition from TikTok left, right and center. The video app TikTok’s winning streak in the ever-changing social media space remains untouched and unbroken for the past many months.

It goes to show the popularity of TikTok not only in western countries but also in domestic markets like India and other Asian countries.

According to Sensor Tower’s data, TikTok was the most-downloaded social media app worldwide last month. TikTok witnessed the highest number of worldwide installs, followed by other apps like Facebook, Instagram, Likee, and Snapchat.

TikTok astonishingly reached 112.8 million global installs in February 2020, representing a massive 96.2 percent increase from a similar period last year.

Meanwhile, the countries with the highest number of TikTok installs during the stipulated period were India and Brazil. While Indians contributed the highest-ever 41.3 percent of TikTok’s total installs last month, people in Brazil generated 8.6 percent of new TikTok installs.

Once upon a time, TikTok faced a brief ban in the Indian market. Fast-forwarding to February-March 2020, the same app continues to hit a record-breaking number of downloads.

Following TikTok, Facebook was the second most downloaded social media app worldwide last month. Facebook generated 57 million downloads in February 2020, representing a nearly 8 percent growth from the same period last year.

Once again, India saw the highest number of unique Facebook installs last month, followed by Brazil. Whereas India contributed 23.8 percent of total Facebook installs last month, Brazil ended up generating 9 percent of total Facebook downloads in February 2020.

Meanwhile, apps like Instagram, Likee, and Snapchat rounded out the top five most downloaded social media apps worldwide for February 2020. A recent study showed TikTok is likely to cross the 50 million users milestone in the US by 2021.

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