Telegram brings Discussion Button feature for chat-restricted channels

Telegram brings Discussion Button feature for chat-restricted channels

Telegram, the instant messaging app that features a simple customizable interface, allows editing sent messages and above all doesn’t cause any threat any to privacy (like the other blue F app) has come up with yet another interesting feature. Telegram has added a new Discussion button feature for Channels which has admin-only chat restrictions.

Although it comes as a rescue for users who want to participate in discussion there are a few limitations. First, the participants won’t be able to post any content in the official channel (provided it is restricted), however, admins will be able to provide a new chat section associated to the specific channel with the new Discussion Button feature.

Telegram cited that with the official channels created by companies, or organizations they are chat restricted and only admins can post ‘latest updates and company-related news.’ This limitation prohibits the participants in the channel to post or share their opinion about the topics. But with the new Telegram feature, participants will now be able to initiate a discussion on a separate extended group attached to the channel. The moment a participant sends a message to the main channel, the message will automatically get re-posted in the extended chat group.

Telegram said that the ‘concerned authorities’ can also pick up feedback and queries sent by the participants on the group chat and can act accordingly.

With the new feature aimed to ‘generate pro-active conversations,’ Telegram said that it will enable admins to provide authentic and accurate information if any misleading information surface on the internet and the same is being discussed by the participants in the chat group.

If you are an admin of a specific channel on Telegram and want to try the new Discussion Button feature here is how you can enable it.

Open the Telegram app on your phone. The app once opened, click on the top right corner button of your channel. Then tap on Manage Channel and select Discussion, followed by which Add a Group button will pop up. Select Create a Group, pick a suitable name for the group chat forum and you are all set with the new Discussion Chat group.

In addition to the Discussion Button, Telegram received a few other features in January this year including the ability to create themes with color gradients, patterns, etc., ‘Send When Online’ feature that allows users to send messages to a recipient when they come online.  This new Discussion Button feature will no doubt help participants to have a healthy discussion on any concerning topic rummaging on the internet. We just hope to see a similar initiative in the cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp as well. Do you want a Discussion Button like feature on WhatsApp? Do share your thoughts.


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