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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Resurgence of 2D Mario Magic

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has emerged as a testament to the enduring appeal of 2D Mario games, challenging the notion that they are secondary to their 3D counterparts. Steve Watts, in his review on October 18, 2023, emphasizes the game’s ability to rekindle the magic of the Mario series.

Key Highlights:

  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder emphasizes that 2D Mario games can be as impactful as 3D versions.
  • The game introduces “wonder effects” that constantly reinvent mechanics, offering players a plethora of surprises.
  • The storyline revolves around Mario and his friends trying to retrieve the stolen “wonder flower” from Bowser.
  • New enemy types and power-ups are introduced, enhancing gameplay variety and challenge.
  • The game retains its core Mario identity, with precise platforming and familiar level design.

A Fresh Take on Classic Mario Gameplay:

While many have mentally categorized 3D Mario games like Galaxy and Odyssey as the primary attractions and 2D versions as nostalgic callbacks, Super Mario Bros. Wonder disrupts this narrative. The game’s introduction of “wonder effects” is reminiscent of the planetoids from Super Mario Galaxy, providing level designers with the freedom to innovate and surprise players at every turn.

Storyline: A Quest for the Wonder Flower

The game’s narrative is simple yet engaging. Mario and his allies visit Prince Florian of the Flower Kingdom, only to have their meeting disrupted by Bowser, who steals the kingdom’s prized wonder flower. This sets Mario and his team on a mission to reclaim the flower and restore order. The wonder flower’s unique properties, which alter reality in unexpected ways, serve as a foundation for the game’s diverse levels and challenges.

New Enemies and Power-ups:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a range of new adversaries, from the razor-beaked Condarts to the tricky Hoppycats and the mummy-like Mumsies. Each enemy presents a unique challenge, requiring players to strategize and adapt. Additionally, the game introduces new power-ups, such as the elephant power-up that transforms Mario into a water-spraying giant and the drill suit that allows players to burrow underground.

Retaining the Mario Essence:

Despite the influx of new features, Super Mario Bros. Wonder remains true to its roots. The platforming mechanics are as refined as ever, and even when players opt not to use a wonder flower, the levels remain quintessentially Mario. The game’s attention to detail, from the fluttering petals that guide players to points of interest to the new power-ups that feel like they’ve always been part of the Mario universe, underscores its quality.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not just another addition to the Mario series; it’s a celebration of 2D Mario games. By introducing innovative mechanics and a captivating storyline while staying true to the series’ essence, the game offers both longtime fans and newcomers an experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new. It’s a reminder that, in the world of gaming, Mario continues to wear his badge of honor with pride.

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