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Spotify Supremium: The Next Level of Music Streaming Unveiled

In recent days, the internet has been abuzz with leaks surrounding Spotify’s new offering, the Supremium tier. This new tier promises to elevate the music streaming experience for users, but what does it bring to the table?

Key Highlights:

  • Supremium tier to offer 24-bit lossless audio.
  • Advanced mixing tools and detailed listening history stats to be included.
  • Free audiobooks to be part of the package.
  • Pricing set at $19.99 per month, almost double the current premium subscription.

The Supremium Experience:

Spotify, the global music streaming giant, had previously teased its HiFi tier back in February 2021. Fast forward to today, and it seems the company is gearing up for a significant launch. The Supremium tier, as the leaks suggest, is not just about high-resolution audio but offers a comprehensive package for music enthusiasts.

A Blend of Super and Premium:

The name ‘Supremium’ suggests a blend of ‘super’ and ‘premium’, indicating that this tier is set to offer more than the existing premium features. Users can expect advanced mixing tools, detailed statistics of their listening history, and even some free audiobooks. All these features aim to provide a richer, more immersive listening experience.

Pricing and Value:

One of the significant revelations from the leaks is the pricing. The Supremium tier is set to cost users $19.99 per month. When compared to the current Spotify Premium subscription priced at $10.99 per month in the US, it’s almost double. However, with the added features and benefits, it remains to be seen if users will see value in this new offering.

More than Just High-Resolution Audio:

While the initial buzz around the HiFi tier focused on high-resolution audio, it seems Spotify has broader plans. The company appears to be moving away from just the HiFi branding, indicating a shift in strategy. The inclusion of features like advanced stats, reminiscent of Last.fm, and AI-driven recommendations suggests that Spotify aims to offer a comprehensive package beyond just audio quality.

The Logo and Branding:

As for the visual representation, the leaked logo is simple. It features the word ‘Supremium’ written in the signature Spotify font, accompanied by the familiar Spotify logo. With the increasing frequency of these leaks, it’s speculated that an official launch might be on the horizon.


Spotify’s Supremium tier promises to be a game-changer in the music streaming industry. With a blend of high-resolution audio, advanced tools, and added features, it aims to offer a comprehensive music experience for users. While the pricing is on the higher side, the value proposition will ultimately determine its success. As the world waits for an official announcement, the anticipation continues to build.

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