Snapseed photo editor app’s new update for Android is nothing to cherish

Snapseed for Android update
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Following the debut of Google’s first Pixel smartphone, the company seems to have put all its focus on the camera-centric Pixel series. Google Pixel’s Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm undoubtedly brings remarkable results even when it comes to capturing photos at night. But this has led to utter ignorance of Google’s other dedicated photo editing apps, the most popular app being Snapseed photo editor app. Surprisingly, a new version coded 2.19.1 of the Snapseed app has appeared on the Google Play Store.

The photo editor app gained massive popularity over time with more than 100 million downloads on the Android platform, courtesy of its intuitive interface, an array of editing pro-level features to enhance photos.

Another goody about Snapseed is that it supports RAW DNG files and the app offers 29 tools and filters. And the best part about this photo editor app is that you get the editing features for free.

But though this easy-to-use app contains some powerful editing features it lacks support for some image formats. If you are thinking the latest update includes those changes better not to get your hopes high.

Snapseed’s latest software update marks the first update since 2018. There isn’t any drastic change bundled with the new update except for bug fixes and an improved dark mode. To one’s dismay, the dark mode has been there since July 2018 so the only new thing with the update is the bug fixes.

While it is disappointing for users who are long waiting for any significant update, its relieving to know that Google has at least not completely forgotten about the app. Apparently, developers are said to have been working on updates since last year with plans to add improved RAW support and maintain compatibility with new devices.

Version 9.1 is available for download on Google Play Store. If you haven’t used the Snapseed photo editor app, you should give it a try. Just download the app, click on the Snapseed icon (once downloaded), tap on the screen, pick a photo and edit it with the Tools that you will find at the bottom.

For those users who already have the app and want to switch to dark mode, they can simply open Snapseed app> Tap on the three-dot hamburger like icon (at the top left corner)> Open Settings> Tap on the Dark theme option.


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