Home News Samsung Unveils Preliminary Insights into 1.4nm Chip Process

Samsung Unveils Preliminary Insights into 1.4nm Chip Process

Samsung Unveils Preliminary Insights into 1.4nm Chip Process

In a recent disclosure, Samsung has provided early insights into its 1.4nm chip process, indicating a substantial leap in semiconductor technology. The revelation is a part of Samsung’s progressive trajectory in chip manufacturing, aiming to solidify its stance in the semiconductor domain.

Key Highlights:

  • Advancement to 1.4nm chip process targeted for 2027
  • Utilization of Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology to enhance chip performance
  • Introduction of 2nm process technology in 2025 as a stepping stone
  • A significant boost in chip fabrication technology is envisioned

Expansion of foundry portfolio by 50% within the transition period to 1.4nm process
Samsung’s venture into the 1.4nm chip process technology is guided by the ambition to enhance its lead in the semiconductor sector, particularly by making the most out of Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology​​.

The company has been on a forward march with its chip manufacturing technology, having achieved success with the 3nm process technology and now planning the 2nm process for 2025 as a precursor to the 1.4nm process aimed for 2027.

The announcement came to light during the Semiconductor Expo 2023 held in South Korea, where Samsung Foundry’s CTO, Jeong Gi-Tae, shared the vision towards achieving the 1.4nm and 2nm processes. The 1.4nm process, in particular, is a part of Samsung’s advanced node roadmap that underlines its continuous endeavor to pioneer process technologies in the semiconductor landscape.

In the transition to the 1.4nm process, Samsung also envisions a 50% expansion of its foundry portfolio, indicating a significant ramp-up in its production capacity. The meticulous roadmap laid out by Samsung reflects a well-strategized approach to stay ahead in the semiconductor race, marking crucial milestones with the introduction of more refined chip process technologies.

The move towards the 1.4nm process is not only a technical advancement but also a statement of intent in the highly competitive semiconductor market. With each reduction in process node, the efficiency, performance, and potential applications of the chips are vastly enhanced, which in turn significantly impacts the broader electronics and technology industry.

Samsung has provided an early glimpse into its 1.4nm chip process technology, scheduled for 2027, showcasing its continuous ambition to lead in the semiconductor sector. The introduction of 2nm process technology in 2025, utilization of Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology, and a 50% expansion of its foundry portfolio are among the key steps outlined in Samsung’s roadmap towards achieving the 1.4nm chip process.

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