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Samsung Unveils Exynos 2400: A Leap in Mobile Processor Performance

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, recently unveiled its next-generation Exynos 2400 mobile processor, setting new benchmarks in the realm of mobile computing. The announcement, made during the inaugural Samsung System LSI Tech Day, has garnered significant attention from tech enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Exynos 2400 promises a staggering 1.7x increase in CPU performance.
  • A remarkable 14.7x boost in AI performance compared to its predecessor, the Exynos 2200.
  • The Exynos 2200 powered the Galaxy S22 series, which was predominantly sold in Europe.
  • The global variant of the Galaxy S22 series was equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
  • Samsung’s decision to use its in-house Exynos chip for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series is anticipated.

A Deep Dive into the Exynos 2400:

The Exynos 2400 system on chip is not just another incremental update; it represents a significant leap in terms of performance. When compared to the Exynos 2200, which was launched in 2021 and powered the Galaxy S22 series in Europe, the new chip promises a 1.7x increase in CPU performance and a 14.7x boost in AI capabilities. This is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile computing.

The Snapdragon vs. Exynos Debate:

The Galaxy S22 series, which was sold in Europe, was powered by the Exynos 2200, while the rest of the world received the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 variant. This led to some discontent among European Galaxy users, as the Snapdragon variant was perceived to offer better performance, longer battery life, and higher CPU benchmark scores. Given a choice, most consumers would have opted for the Snapdragon model. However, with the Exynos 2400’s launch, it remains to be seen how Samsung will distribute its chipsets for the Galaxy S24 series.

What’s Next for Samsung?

With the introduction of the Exynos 2400, Samsung seems poised to regain its position in the mobile processor market. While performance details are still under wraps, there’s a possibility that the Exynos 2400 might match or even surpass the capabilities of its Snapdragon counterpart. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: Samsung is committed to delivering top-tier performance to its us.


Samsung’s Exynos 2400 mobile processor is set to redefine mobile computing standards. With significant improvements in CPU and AI performance, it stands as a testament to Samsung’s relentless pursuit of innovation. As the tech world eagerly awaits the Galaxy S24 series, the Exynos vs. Snapdragon debate is set to reignite. Only time will tell which chipset will dominate the market, but for now, Samsung’s Exynos 2400 has undoubtedly piqued the industry’s interest.

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