Samsung Hand Wash App Now Available For Galaxy Watch

Samsung has developed an exclusive Hand Wash app on the Galaxy Store for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The app has been designed by Samsung Research Institute in Bangalore. The UX and wearable team at the SRI worked round the clock to produce a useful app in these tough times within a quick span of time.

Interestingly, all the employees worked from home to build the Hand Wash app, which automatically prompts users to clean their hands for safety purposes.

The purpose of the Hand Wash app is to enable users to maintain hand hygiene. The app periodically reminds users to wash hands for 20 seconds continuously. Moreover, the app is designed in such a way that each wash lasts 20 seconds as per WHO guidelines. The preset reminders can be customized easily based on the requirements, needs, and schedule.

Samsung Hand Wash App Process

As a user, you should install the Hand Wash app from the Galaxy Store on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Hand Wash app keeps track of the time and provides users with haptic feedback after 25 seconds of a wash cycle. The app makes sure that you wash thoroughly up to 20 seconds. However, the app is useful only if you wear the Galaxy Watch upon washing.

Samsung Hand Wash App

The Hand Wash app gives you 25 seconds with the first five seconds is dedicated to turning on the tap and for the application of the soap. The 20 seconds is for actual washing and the app keeps track of your washing habits. The relevant data will be displayed on the screen itself for east verification.

Moreover, the app also automatically issues notifications if you miss scheduled trips to the washbasin.

The app helps you to measure daily wash trends with scope for improvement. You can build a healthy habit over some time.

The Hand Wash app is supplemented by an elegant watch face using which you can track the wash routine. The face also displays the elapsed time since the last wash to provide users with a sense of alertness about the general personal hygiene in real-time.

With plenty of smartwatches now available for measuring health fitness, you won’t find wearables that keep track of your hand-washing habits and routines.

Nowadays, the whole world is under threat because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended regularly hand wash for 20 seconds to combat the rapid spread of the COVID-19. The agency claims that you should wash for over 20 seconds to eradicate the virus and the app seems to do the same job perfectly. We expect companies like Xiaomi to borrow this feature in the upcoming Mi Band 5.