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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Sport Titanium Frame, Following iPhone 15 Pro’s Lead

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Sport Titanium Frame, Following iPhone 15 Pro's Lead

Samsung is stepping up its game by embracing titanium for its forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra model, following the precedent set by Apple with its iPhone 15 Pro. The tech giant’s shift to a more premium material for its flagship smartphone’s frame is seen as a move to keep pace with its Cupertino-based rival.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung plans to use titanium for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, marking the first for the company.
  • The move follows Apple’s switch to a titanium frame for its iPhone 15 Pro, which led to a weight reduction.
  • However, Samsung’s shift to titanium may not lead to significant weight savings due to the already light aluminum used in its current models.
  • Titanium’s adoption comes with challenges, including increased costs and processing difficulties, potentially driving up the price of the frames.

Apple’s move to employ titanium for its iPhone 15 Pro chassis has seemingly caught the eye of its South Korean adversary. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to be Samsung’s pioneer in the titanium realm, a transition the company is open to broadening based on the reception from users. The shift is seen as a move to elevate the brand’s premium standing, potentially offering a sturdier and more upscale feel to the device.

Apple’s titanium frame in iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models contributed to a weight reduction of approximately nine percent from their predecessors. However, the same weight advantage may not be in the cards for Samsung. Unlike Apple’s previous use of heavier stainless steel, Samsung’s current flagship models utilize light aluminum, making the weight differential less significant with the switch to titanium.

The leap to titanium isn’t without its hurdles. Known for its widespread use in the aerospace sector, titanium poses challenges in cutting and processing due to its low heat conductivity. These processing difficulties are expected to lower yield rates, thereby escalating the cost of the frames.

While the aluminum cases in Samsung’s premium phones are priced under $20, the titanium frames could see a price tag of up to $100. Samsung is treading cautiously with a tentative goal to manufacture 15 million frame units, aligning with the number of Galaxy S23 Ultra models shipped earlier.

Samsung’s decision to incorporate titanium frames in its Galaxy S24 Ultra model manifests a drive to match the premium quality showcased by Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro. While the move places Samsung in a favorable light in the premium smartphone market, the weight advantage seen in Apple models may not be replicated due to the existing use of light aluminum in Samsung’s designs.

Furthermore, the adoption of titanium carries cost implications, which could be reflected in the pricing of the upcoming model.

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