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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: A Display Revolution

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is set to redefine the smartphone display landscape. Recent leaks suggest that Samsung is gearing up to bring its top-tier display technology to all models in the S24 series, not just the Ultra variant as seen in previous years.

Key Highlights:
  • All three models in the S24 series will feature LTPO M13 displays.
  • Peak brightness of up to 2500 nits.
  • Variable refresh rate will now be available on non-Ultra models.
  • The only difference among the models will be the display resolution and size.
  • The 2500 nits peak brightness is likely for HDR-compatible content.
A Display for All:

A recent report from a reputable source indicates that Samsung is planning to bring its latest and greatest display technology to all three models in the Galaxy S24 series: the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. This is a significant shift from previous years where only the Ultra variant received the best display tech.

LTPO M13 Displays: The Future is Bright

The highlight of the S24 series is undoubtedly the LTPO M13 displays. These panels are known for their efficiency and ability to deliver high brightness levels. Previously, only the Ultra models had LTPO panels that could reach higher brightness levels. Now, all three models in the S24 series will boast a peak brightness of up to 2500 nits. However, it’s worth noting that this peak brightness is likely when playing HDR-compatible content.

Variable Refresh Rate: Smooth as Silk

Another significant update is the introduction of a variable refresh rate across all models. This feature was previously reserved for the Ultra variant. With this, users can expect smoother animations and reduced screen tearing, enhancing the overall user experience.

Display Size and Resolution: The Only Differentiators

While the display technology remains consistent across the S24 series, the size and resolution will vary. The exact specifications are yet to be confirmed, but the differentiation ensures that there’s a model for everyone, whether you prefer a compact phone or a larger display.

A Welcome Change in Strategy:

Samsung’s decision to offer its best display technology across all models in the S24 series is a welcome change. Given that the S24 and S24+ are flagship phones, it only makes sense to provide users with the best display experience possible.


Samsung is set to revolutionize its display game with the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. All three models will feature the advanced LTPO M13 displays with a peak brightness of 2500 nits. The introduction of a variable refresh rate across all models is another significant update. While the display technology will be consistent, the size and resolution will differ among the models. This strategy ensures that Samsung offers a top-tier display experience to a broader range of users.

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