OnePlus unveils new logo design as a part of brand refreshment

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OnePlus has unveiled the much-anticipated new logo with creative modifications to the content. The company considers the new logo as the most significant change to the OnePlus brand ever since its inception. Previously, the new logo was leaked on Weibo followed by its appearance on the Chinese trademark office. The new OnePlus logo brings serious design change to the “1” including the ONEPLUS text, which is now displayed in the bold capital font.

The brand-new OnePlus logo brings excitement and balance to the visual identity, adds Mats Hakansson. The company has updated official India and Chinese websites with the new logo and it really looks attractive even from a long distance.

The “1” in the new logo is curvilinear, while the “+” has become larger in the surrounding box. You will now visualize more prominence in the “+” sign. The larger “+” on the logo is a contribution to the community by the company. It is the community members who bring in success and glory every year.

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Hakansson said that the new logo reinforces what the company stands for and it resembles the Never Settle phenomenon. The new logo is designed in such a way to maintain iconic elements of the brand including bringing more excitement and balance for the community members. The company has worked with an external agency including an in-house creative team for the development of the new logo. The product team employed thousands of user data points to produce great looking and stunning holistic visual language.

The newly launched OnePlus logo includes a wide range of color pallets such as cyan, green, magenta, indigo, and yellow. The logo is centered on the company’s iconic Red color scheme. The new font provides improves legibility in a vibrant design finish. Going forward, you can expect the presence of the new logo on the product packages. You can download the new OnePlus logo from the Brand Resources section located inside the Press page.


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