Home News Nothing OS 2.0.4 Update Boosts Nothing Phone 2 with New Features

Nothing OS 2.0.4 Update Boosts Nothing Phone 2 with New Features

Nothing OS 2.0.4 Update Boosts Nothing Phone 2 with New Features

The recent rollout of Nothing OS 2.0.4 for Nothing Phone 2 has introduced a suite of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. This update follows the tech company’s continual endeavor to refine and evolve its software capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of a new Photo widget
  • Hidden app drawer feature for better app organization
  • A refreshed library based on the latest Android 14-based beta

The Nothing OS 2.0.4 update is a notable leap towards enriching the functionality of Nothing Phone 2. One of the key features of this update is the new Photo widget, which allows for an enhanced photo viewing and management experience.

Adding to the list of features is the hidden app drawer, a smart way to keep the app interface organized. This feature introduces a hidden icons compartment, enabling users to swipe to the left side of the app drawer to reveal hidden apps, thus offering a cleaner and more organized view of the app interface.

The update isn’t solely about new features; it also brings a refreshed library, borrowing elements from the latest Android 14-based beta, showcasing a move towards keeping the Nothing Phone 2’s software environment up to date with the latest Android offerings​.

The rollout of Nothing OS 2.0.4 comes as a refreshing boost, especially for a device that had initially found itself under scrutiny for camera performance and software bugs. This update is a step towards addressing previous criticisms and improving the overall software experience of Nothing Phone 2 users​.

The Nothing OS 2.0.4 update for Nothing Phone 2 brings in new features like a Photo widget and a hidden app drawer, alongside a refreshed library from the Android 14-based beta, aiming to enhance the user experience and address previous software criticisms.

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