Nikon Brings Free Online Photography Courses Available Till End Of April

Many countries have entered the third week of the COVID-19 lockdown. While the self-isolation process has been enforced to limit the spread of the disease, social unrest is rising across the poorest regions. Amid the impatient behavior, some are trying to find ways to spend quality time while staying indoors- be it learning new cooking skills, draw a caricature, or taking online courses to strum guitar chords. If you are among those ardent lovers of nature who happens to have a DSLR but couldn’t take good snaps because of getting tangled with aperture or shutter, now is the time to take that DSLR from the shelf and improve the photography skills.

For all its worth, Nikon has come up with an entire curriculum of online photography courses that too for free. The courses will available for access until the end of April.

There are a total of ten classes available at Nikon School which you can check on their official website. The ten-part online program includes tutorial videos on Nikon-specific products, in-depth lessons taught by professional photographers.

The classes ranging from 15 minutes to about an hour video clip include tutorials on landscape photography, portraits, “Environmental Portraiture,” “The Art of Making Music Videos.”

Nikon School Online The Art of Marking Music Videos

The Art of Marking Music Videos from Nikon School Online

Nikon has offered a course on the fundamentals of photography and photographing children and pets as well.

To stream the courses all you need to do is visit Nikon’s official website, sign up by entering your name and email ID and country residence following which you will be able to access the videos. Nikon’s online classes are usually priced between $15 to $50 but with free access to the tutorials, it will certainly help the beginners.

Nikon is not the only company taking initiative to help people engage themselves and hone their photography skills. DxO has also provided five free webinars for photographers.

Shutterbugs aside, companies like Facebook and video game developer King have come up with new offerings as well. Facebook just recently launched a desktop version of the Messenger app to help people connect and communicate. Meanwhile, mobile game developer King has offered free, unlimited lives on the popular mobile title Candy Crush Saga. So here’s the list of goodies that you can make the best use of while in quarantine.