Netflix Got Bunch Of New Parental Controls, Introduces Profile PIN

Netflix has announced a new parental control feature with which you can add a PIN to your profile. You can generate a PIN for your Netflix profile to prevent other users from accessing your profile. You can configure a PIN by firing up the account settings page and navigating to the Profile and Parental Controls section.

The next step is to enable the Profile Lock functionality, where you need to provide the password of your account. You will then have to create a four-digit PIN. You can create Netflix PIN either on the website or within the iOS mobile app.

In addition to the PIN, Netflix also added filters for children’s accounts, which are based on the maturing rating specific to the country. This feature will be useful if you would like to provide access to the kid’s section by blocking unnecessary content.

Netflix PIN

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The company also added options to remove individual series or films by title. Netflix also provides an ability to review profile settings using the Profile and Parental Controls hub from within the settings menu.

The new features are part of a wider update with a special focus on enhanced parental controls. The latest Netflix update disables auto-play on a kid profile and blocks specific titles by name. If you are not interested to watch a specific title, you can add them to the list for a short period of time.

To work with the new features, you should navigate to and tap on the drop-down arrow located in the upper right corner. You should select “Account” and navigate to the “Profile & Parental Controls” section. You will find the presence of all the features under a single umbrella with separate settings for each profile.

Even though the new features and capabilities are basic in nature, people who are currently working from home due to the lockdown will find them useful. They will be able to configure devices during their spare time and will be able to teach other people about the new capabilities. Netflix is working hard to provide a robust infrastructure to watch videos safely during the lockdown time because of the COVID-19 outbreak.