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NASA’s New Voyage: Streaming Service NASA+ Set to Launch

NASA+ or NASA Plus

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is stepping into the digital realm with a new streaming service called NASA+. Set to launch on November 8, NASA+ is NASA’s venture into providing ad-free, subscription-free streaming content to the public. This initiative is part of NASA’s broader plan to transform its digital presence, which was first announced in July 2023.

Key Highlights:

  • NASA’s new streaming service, NASA+, is launching on November 8.
  • The service is completely free, with no subscription or ad interruptions.
  • Available on most major platforms, including NASA’s iOS and Android apps, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.
  • Family-friendly programming with live coverage and original video series on offer.
  • Part of NASA’s digital transformation initiative was announced in July 2023.

NASA has rolled out updates to its websites alongside the announcement of NASA+, marking a significant stride in enhancing its digital presence. The streaming service aims to offer a new digital cosmos for space enthusiasts, providing live shows, original series, and an in-depth look into NASA’s missions​.

The content on NASA+ is designed to immerse viewers in NASA’s missions through live coverage and original video series. Although the specifics of the content are yet to be fully disclosed, NASA has mentioned that the programming will be family-friendly. Moreover, NASA+ appears to be an extension of NASA’s existing broadcast network, NASA TV, taking public engagement to a new frontier.

NASA+ is set to be available on most major platforms, ensuring a broad reach to the public. Users can access the streaming service through NASA’s iOS and Android apps, as well as on streaming players like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV. The no-cost, ad-free nature of NASA+ enhances the user experience, making space exploration content easily accessible to all.

The launch of NASA’s streaming service NASA+ on November 8 marks a significant move in broadening its digital engagement with the public. The service, which is free and devoid of ads, is set to provide family-friendly content, taking viewers on a journey through NASA’s missions and beyond. The availability of NASA+ on multiple platforms ensures a wide reach, bringing space exploration closer to the global audience.

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