Monument Valley 2 is now free to download to kill time amidst COVID-19 lockdown

When the entire country is under lockdown, people are bored inside homes. However, there is no dearth for entertainment with plenty of mobile games available on the Google Play Store. Not all games are free. But now a popular paid game is available free of cost. Yes. Monument Valley 2, which is tagged as one of the best games on Android, can be downloaded free of cost without any payment.

You should get this game downloaded right way on your smartphone so that you can pass time with productivity instead of sitting before Television sets. The game will be very useful for kids since they are worst hit by the long lockdown.

The Monument Valley 2 won’t be game for free for a long time. Hence, you should download it right away without waiting for a long time. Monument Valley 2 is the sequel to Monument Valley released in 2014. The company has thrown open the second edition for free and not the first edition. The first version of Monument Valley is still listed as paid on Google Play Store.

Developed by Ustwo Games, Monument Valley 2 is visually appealing and stylish when played on the latest smartphone. Moreover, the game is engaging and one of the best games on the Android store. The company hopes to reach out to more people in India by offering the game as free in these difficult times, which is boring and tough for the people to cope up with.

The Monument Valley 2 provides several geometry-based puzzles not only to solve but also to pass through the levels. After the installation, you will have to perform a puzzle, which involves rotating the steering and moving the object by tapping. You will be prompted to install Google Play Games when you tap on the icon after solving the first puzzle.

That being said, several game app developers have listed their games free for a limited time to enable people to kill time during the long 21-day lockdown. You will be able to stay productive and occupied during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Monument Valley 2 is not the first game to list as free. Team Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are available free of cost on iOS and macOS operating platforms.