Microsoft Cortana predicts Rahul Gandhi will dethrone Narendra Modi in 2024

Microsoft Cortana predicts Rahul Gandhi will dethrone Narendra Modi in 2024

Sometimes, the smart voice assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa are funny since they provide interesting facts based on the search information. We don’t know the situation after four years and beyond but Microsoft Cortana seems to know the fact.

The latest crazy development is that Microsoft Cortana has responded that Rahul Gandhi will be India’s next Prime Minister to our Cortana query – “Who will be the next Prime Minister of India” in the form of the Bing search snippet, according to The Windows Club.


Different result by Bing

In contrast, the Bing search rendered a different result when we used the same query. The Bing provided a list of articles related to the query including India’s current prime minister as Narendra Modi with his picture. It’s the Cortana, which threw in entirely different results.

No wild guesses when it comes to the United States of America


When asked who will be the next President of the United States of America, Cortana replied back with “Sorry, I’m not able to help with this one“. If Cortana can guess the next Prime Minister of India, why not the President of the USA. From our point of view, the algorithm used by Cortana is different than the Bing search engine. However, we expect the Cortana team to explain the variable results.

Microsoft Cortana Popularity

When tested with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, they responded by listing out the relevant articles with links related to the keyword. That being said, Microsoft Cortana has lost the popularity against Google Assistant. Even Siri is not used by the majority of the people because it’s available only with Apple devices, which are expensive.

The growing popularity of Google Assistant is because of the fact that the voice assistant is integrated into all major Android smartphones. With the majority of the population work with Android devices, the reach of the Google Assistant is beyond expectations.

Microsoft Cortana is only available with Windows PCs. However, you have to change the region as English (US) for the assistant to work. Microsoft Cortana app for Android is not available now, while the Redmond-based software giant is planning to remove Cortana from the Android launcher. Incidentally, Cortana was also missing from the Early Access build of the Microsoft Launcher Preview.


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