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Microsoft CEO Laments Windows Phone Discontinuation

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed his regret over the company’s decision to abandon the Windows Phone and mobile market, admitting that this choice was among the most challenging he made upon assuming the CEO position​​.

Key Highlights:

  • Satya Nadella reveals that discontinuing Windows Phone was a serious error.
  • Nadella acknowledges failing to remain committed to consumers loyal to Microsoft and Windows Phone.
  • $7.6 billion write-off related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone business highlighted.
  • Reflection on possible avenues that could have made Windows Phone a success mentioned.


satya phoneSatya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, vocalized his remorse over the phasing out of Windows Phone and their withdrawal from the mobile market in a recent conversation. This disclosure was not only a reflection on the past but an admission of what he considered a grave mistake. The discontinuation of Windows Phone was one of the toughest decisions Nadella had to make after becoming the CEO, emphasizing the significance of this move.

He lamented that this decision represented a failure to stand by the consumers who had shown allegiance to Microsoft, particularly the Windows Phone users​​. The 56-year-old CEO had written off a whopping $7.6 billion related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone business, underscoring the financial implications of this move​.

Nadella also hinted at missed opportunities that could have potentially turned the tide for Windows Phone. During his reflection, he believed there were viable pathways that could have rendered Windows Phone successful, showcasing a moment of retrospection on what could have been done differently​​.

Satya Nadella’s admission comes as a candid acknowledgment from the third chief executive of Microsoft, following his predecessors in recognizing the mobile missteps the tech giant had made. When Nadella took the helm in 2014, he inherited a mobile strategy that had already seen significant investments but ultimately led to a financial write-down a year later, emphasizing the challenge of navigating the mobile landscape​​.

The discourse around Satya Nadella’s admission unveils a seldom seen reflective side of a tech giant’s decision-making process. As the mobile market continues to evolve, this moment of reflection underscores the importance of adaptability and committed customer engagement in navigating the fluid tech landscape, shedding light on Microsoft’s journey.

The recent admission by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella regarding the discontinuation of Windows Phone reveals a moment of reflection and acknowledgment of what he considers a significant mistake. His candid disclosure highlights the challenging decisions, financial implications, and the missed opportunities that characterized Microsoft’s journey in the mobile arena.

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