‘Made in India’ TikTok Alternative App, Rizzle Hits 6M Downloads

Made in India, TikTok alternative app, Rizzle has crossed more than 6 million downloads on the Google Play Store in India and the United States of America. Launched back in 2019, Short-video app Rizzle intends to break the monotonous idea of other video-sharing apps. It is more creator-centric and is open to a wide range of categories, including comedy, drama, action, romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, crime, and more.

For every short video app globally, content moderation has been increasing and becoming important. TikTok stars are in a dilemma after the ban of TikTok in India, and they are continually searching for a platform that will provide support and get them noticed for their talent.

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To help minister to such issues Rizzle has put in place a multi-tier content moderation system, where videos pass through its proprietary AI algorithms, before being monitored by human moderation teams. Rizzle operates on a sponsorship-supported model, where the audience can pay for creator channels across three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Vidya Narayanan, Cofounder of Rizzle App, said, “Indian content creators are highly talented. After the ban of TikTok and other Chinese apps, we see an enormous adoption of Indian apps by such innovative talent in our country. Our PM’s Vocal for Local is our inspiration to take the homegrown app Rizzle to not just a local audience but to a global audience too. We acknowledge the limited number of platforms available for those who have a flair for creating original short content and to this end, we have launched “RSeries Originals”. The hunt is aimed at nurturing the careers of our actors, producers, storytellers, YouTubers, and ex-TikTokers. Our program has been designed to support creators with financial assistance to produce their shows and series and take their careers to the next level.”

Rizzle has announced the launch of “RSeries Originals” and “R360 Originals” — the first of its kind call for original vertical series. Lakshminath Dondeti, Cofounder of Rizzle App also said that they are very excited about “RSeries Originals” and “R360 Originals” as it is the first such contest for short video creators.