Leaked EU proposal would force Apple to adopt user-removable batteries

Leaked EU proposal would force Apple to adopt user-removable batteries

Have you seen any latest smartphone with a user-removable battery? If you haven’t, then you can expect them in an upcoming Apple device due to the rumored changes in the European Union (EU) guidelines. According to a leaked EU proposal, Apple would be forced to integrate user-removable batteries with upcoming devices such as iPhones. However, the law would be only applicable to smartphones sold within the 27 European Union countries. That being said, other smartphone giants would be forced to follow the same path if the law comes into effect.

Design Changes

If the new proposal becomes a law, then the Cupertino-based tech giant should provide space for the removal battery inside the complicated circuit board. The chances of Apple implementing the new rule is bleak because it would affect the overall design. The slim and portable form factor of the Apple devices would make it impossible for the company to add a removal battery.

If the proposal is implemented, then you can easily remove and slap it with a new battery when the original battery reaches the end of life. Moreover, you will return to the golden early days of smartphones where you could replace the batteries easily.

As a user, you would have carried a spare fully charged battery with you during that time and use it with the device when the main battery shows the thirst for more power.

Universal Charging Port

In addition to the user-removable battery, the EU proposal also emphasizes the need for the standard connector to enable you to charge the device. The result will be the elimination of the Lightning port, which would make the majority of the Apple devices obsolete. Moreover, Apple will have to completely change the design of the printed circuit board, which is an unlikely possibility.

The fate of the water-resistant feature hangs in balance

Apple will have to make use of the USB Type-C port instead of the Lightning port in all devices, which is difficult to implement. The design team will have a tough task to follow the EU proposals if implemented. Even if the law is passed, the company should be given sufficient time to modify the design structure as per the new EU proposal.

The latest iPhones are shipped with closed rear and it’s virtually not possible to open except by an authorized technician. The adoption of the removable cover will pose risk when it comes to the water and dust resistant capabilities.

Apple will have to completely rehash the design in such a way that the user can reach the battery compartment without sacrificing other critical components.

What do you think about the new EU proposal for removable batteries? Please share your feedback. We look forward to your comments.

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