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iOS 17’s Screen Distance: A Feature to Combat Eyestrain

With the release of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a plethora of new features and improvements. Among these, a lesser-discussed but highly beneficial feature named “Screen Distance” has emerged. This innovative tool is designed to help users maintain a healthy distance from their screens, potentially reducing eyestrain and the risk of nearsightedness.

Key Highlights:
  • Screen Distance warns users when their iPhone or iPad is held too close to their face.
  • The feature is reminiscent of advice to sit further from televisions or computer screens.
  • Prolonged close screen viewing can stress and irritate the eyes.
  • Apple suggests that using this feature might lower the risk of developing myopia.
  • Activation is simple through the settings, under the “Screen Time” option.
What is Screen Distance?

Screen Distance is a feature introduced in iOS 17 that alerts users when they are holding their iPhone or iPad too close to their face. The idea behind this is akin to the age-old advice of sitting further back from the television or computer screen. While having a screen close to one’s face might not directly harm the eyes, it can lead to stress and irritation. According to health organization Cedars-Sinai, such habits could contribute to eyestrain. Apple’s introduction of this feature in iOS 17 aims to combat this issue and even suggests it might help in reducing the risk of myopia or nearsightedness.

How Does It Work?

Once the Screen Distance feature is activated, if a user holds their iPhone too close to their face for an extended period, the screen gets obscured by a message indicating the device might be too close. This obstruction remains until the user adjusts the distance, after which a check mark appears, and the user can tap “continue” to remove the block.

For those who find this feature more intrusive than helpful, there’s an option to turn it off. Users can navigate to the settings, tap on “Screen Time,” select “Screen Distance,” and then toggle off the feature. This allows users to revert to their preferred viewing habits without any interruptions.

Why is This Feature Important?

In today’s digital age, where screen time is continuously increasing, maintaining good screen habits is crucial. With many people spending hours on their devices for work, entertainment, or communication, the risk of eyestrain and other related issues is on the rise. Apple’s introduction of the Screen Distance feature is a step towards promoting healthier screen habits.


Apple’s iOS 17 brings with it a range of features, with the Screen Distance feature standing out for its health benefits. Designed to alert users when their device is too close to their face, it aims to reduce eyestrain and promote better screen habits. While some might find it intrusive, its potential benefits in reducing the risk of nearsightedness make it a noteworthy addition to the iOS features list.

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