Instagram adds new features and resources to help combat COVID-19

Instagram adds new features and resources to help combat COVID-19

Instagram has ventured to help and assist people from deadly Coronavirus outbreak. The app has been integrated with a co-watching module, which enables users to watch Instagram posts together with your friends while performing video chat.

Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a major public emergency in January, the Facebook-owned company is taking several steps to provide accurate information to help you stay connected.

The Instagram Search has been updated with several educational resources including the addition of stickers to promote accurate information.

The company also removes unverified COVID-19 accounts from offering any suggestions for the safety of the people. The app allows those accounts being maintained by credible health organizations.

The Instagram app is currently rolling out donation stickers in several countries. You can easily find relevant non-profit groups that offer support during the critical phase.

With the help of the app, you can create a shared story to help people to practice the concept of social distancing. The Stay Home sticker has been added to the app. The app has been updated in such a way that you can navigate Instagram with friends over video chat.

Instagram Search and Fetch Information

If you search for information with the keyword Coronavirus or COVID-19, then Instagram will display an educational message that connects you to the credible resources provided by the WHO and UNICEF.

We searched with the keyword “coronavirus” and the app immediately displayed the Instagram handles of the WHO and UNICEF.


The result will also display data offered by local authorities. The information will prompt you to wash your face and hands at regular intervals.

Moreover, you will learn how to maintain social distancing with others. These features will be available in the camera within the next few days.

Instagram also added a notice at the top of the feed for countries affected by COVID-19 with reliable resources from expert health organizations worldwide. The app also highlights useful resources from the approved organization when people search with related hashtags.

In a bid to ensure the safety of the people, Instagram has cracked the whip by removing fake COIVD-19 accounts from providing any sort of recommendations. The app also downranks feed content and stories that have been tagged as false by third-party-fact checkers. The intention of Instagram is to provide accurate and reliable resources without compromising the safety and security of the people.


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