ICICI Bank Brings WhatsApp Banking: Here’s All You Need To Know

Coronavirus rapid spread around the globe has led to nationwide lockdown in several developing countries. The incessant shut down is having a painful impact on poor sections, migrants and is upending the business sectors. But amidst this tough time finance sector in different countries are trying to provide relief measures for businesses, borrowers and customers to cope up with economic disruption caused by the pandemic.

Taking the initiative, ICICI Bank has launched a WhatsApp Banking feature to enable its retail customers to use the banking services without any hassle during the lockdown.

With this new service customers (those who have WhatsApp account) can check their savings account balance, last three transactions, and can get details of pre-approved instant loan offers.

Customers can even block/unblock their ICICI credit and debit cards using the WhatsApp Banking service. Above that the service has been made available not only for the retail customers but for the non-ICICI Bank customers as well. With the instant banking service, users can get details about ICICI branches and ATMs located in the nearby area. For more information on ICICI WhatsApp Banking visit the official website.

If you want to avail the ICICI WhatsApp Banking service here’s what you will have to do-

How To Use ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking Service

Step 1: First up, you will have to save +91 93249 53001 for English or +91 9324953010 for Hindi (depending on your language preference) on your mobile contact list.

Step 2: Once saved, open WhatsApp and search for the name under which you have saved the number

Step 3: Open the chatbox and send the text ‘hi

Step 4: It will then generate a list of services available along with their keywords.

To use the services mentioned in the list, account holders will have to enter specific keywords corresponding to a service.

Here Are The Keywords

  • To check account balance type- ‘Balance,’ ‘Bal,’ ‘ac bal.’
  • To check the last three transactions type- ‘transaction,’ ‘stmt,’ ‘history,’ ‘statement.’
  • To check the outstanding balance on credit card type- ‘limit,’ ‘cc limit‘ or ‘cc balance,’ ‘credit balance,’ or ‘credit card balance.’
  • To check ICICI Bank branches or ATM nearby type- ‘ATM‘ or ‘branch.’ But to use this service you will be prompted to share your location on WhatsApp.
  • To block/unblock credit or debit cards type- ‘block,’ ‘lost my card‘ or ‘unblock.’

Notably, ICICI Bank had earlier launched ‘ICICIStack‘ to provide uninterrupted banking experience and prevent customers from visiting branches to reduce the risk from COVID-19 outbreak.