How To Solve Fetch As Google Redirect 301 Problem in Google Webmaster Tools

How to Solve Fetch as Google Redirect 301 Problem in Google Webmaster Tools

Do you know Google Webmaster Tools is the only way to connect your blog/website directly to the biggest search engine giant, and see how their crawlers find your content? The Google Webmaster Tools not only help to link your site with Google but also helps you to make your site or blog even better and optimized for indexing and ranking.

Today, I received an email from one of my avid readers asking for help with his Fetch as Google Redirect Problem in Google Webmaster Tools. He attached an image of the Webmaster bug in his email. The screenshot is shown below.

And if you click on Fetch as Google Status Redirected error link in Google Webmaster Tools, you will be redirected to a new page where you can get sufficient information about that error. Google considers that as a 301 redirect and shows the server response exactly.

That bug is not a major problem for most of us who are using the Google services since years. But sometimes, we escape easy things, and the problem can be totally wrong, or an issue with Google crawlers themselves. The truth is that your site doesn’t have that redirect URL, if your pages are functioning properly.

How To Solve Fetch As Google Redirect 301 Problem in Google Chrome Webmaster Tools

The solution to the problem is easy and simple. To fix the 301 redirect problem, just add a single “Forward Slash (/)” at the end of your URL in order to close it, and Google bots will fetch the URL properly. In fact, it’s a Google concern, and they need to fix that problem. A URL address with or without the forward slash should be treated as the same, and that will escape lots of problems. That makes webmasters killing their time with a problem that does not exist.

As soon as you add the URL that you want Google bot to fetch and render, and close it with the Forward Slash, you’ll get a success memo. And you can submit that URL of the post or page to be indexed by Google.

The common if not all the newbie bloggers will start checking their sites for that imaginary redirect link, which was shown while using service. That frontward the Google crawlers to another page and they spend several hours if not days with Fetch as Google Redirect problem, and they end with nothing as a solution. Even, some of them will make some severe changes to their sites, such as installing lots of plugins, codes and so on.

But if you discover a real redirect destination, then you need to verify your domain name, if you’re using a domain with the WWW, make sure that there is no issue with that. I’ve previously talked about how to set a preferred domain name in Google Webmaster Tools, and you can study how to do that properly.

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