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How To Reset Samsung Soundbar With Subwoofer

Samsung soundbar with subwoofer is very popular in the market. They are easy to set up, pocket-friendly, and offer a good audio experience compared to normal TV speakers. At several events, people prefer soundbars over surround-sound system setups. However, whether you use earphones, headphones, speakers, or soundbars, these audio gadgets eventually run into minor problems that can be solved easily by a quick reset.

I have covered several how-to guides on resetting speakers and soundbars. But in this article, I will explain how to reset Samsung soundbar with subwoofer. Instead of buying a new soundbar, try resetting it, and if there’s a minor problem, it should get fixed easily.

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Why do we need to reset the soundbar?

 Whenever you use any device for a while, it is very common to find some issues. For a Samsung soundbar, some of the following problems could arise over time:

  1. The soundbar will not connect to your TV. 
  2. The soundbar will not connect to the subwoofer. 
  3. The soundbar will connect to a Bluetooth device but won’t play audio or sound. 
  4. Problems while trying to replace an old remote with a newer remote. 
  5. The sound quality drops every time you use it, and there’s no way of getting that back without resetting it. 
  6. You have made some changes to its factory settings, and you need to reset it. 

Things To Do Before Resetting Soundbar

Before you proceed to reset the soundbar, you can do certain things to ensure that your soundbar is ready for a reset.

  • Perform a proper diagnostic test of the soundbar to see if anything is wrong with the device. 
  • If there is no problem with the soundbar, make sure you unplug it from the power source and let it cool down. 
  • If you are using a soundbar with a remote, check if the remote is working properly. If not, then disconnect it from the TV and check. 

How to reset Samsung soundbar and subwoofer [Easy]

In case you’ve got a general soundbar, then there are some common ways of resetting them. In general, there are three quick easy steps to reset Samsung soundbar and subwoofer.

  1. If your Samsung soundbar is turned on, you have to turn it off first to reset it. You can turn it off using the remote and if it doesn’t come with a remote, turn it off using the dedicated buttons on the soundbar.
  2. After turning it off, hold the Play/Pause or Power button until your soundbar displays ‘INIT OK.
  3. Then turn on your soundbar and try pairing it to your TV.
Note: If you've got an old soundbar that doesn't come with the display, press the power button until the 'LED' starts blinking and stops flashing the red light.

How to reset Samsung soundbar with remote

If you’ve got a Samsung soundbar with a remote, you can easily reset the soundbar. Here are the steps to reset the soundbar with the remote:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power On/Off buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds and it should start into a blue screen. 
  2. Once you see the blue screen, got to Settings and Reset your soundbar. 

How to reset Samsung soundbar without remote

This method is the best for any soundbars without a remote because you can reset the soundbar by sending a reset command from your TV’s menu.

  1. Switch On your TV and wait for some time until you see the blue screen.
  2. Now, press the Power + Volume Up button for about 10 seconds.
  3. Your TV should power on, and then after a few minutes, it will go back to its regular display.

This method only works on soundbars that the TV’s remote can control. If your soundbar can not be controlled remotely, you’ll need to keep doing what I said above first; unplug it, let it cool down, and then plug in all of your cables again before trying this method again. 

[*BONUS] How To Hard Reset Samsung Soundbar

Some might think that performing a hard reset on the Samsung soundbar to factory settings is a complex process, but it is much easier than you think and can be done in less than a minute. Follow the steps below to hard reset Samsung soundbar:

  1. Turn on the soundbar by pressing the Power on/off button. Also, you can use the remote control or dedicated button.
  2. Press and hold the Power button either on the soundbar or the remote control. 
  3. Continue pressing the Power button until you see the “INIT OK” message. 
  4. Wait for the soundbar to restart, and that’s all. 

Once your soundbar is back on, you will have to connect all your devices again, especially Bluetooth devices, and check the settings for any personalization you want to set. 


The above methods to reset the soundbar should work for most Samsung soundbars. And as always, I strongly recommend you to read the user manual that comes along with the device. If you don’t have it, you can always find it on the manufacturer’s website.

Have any questions regarding how to reset the Samsung soundbar with or without a remote, suggestions, or just need some help? Please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I reset my Samsung Bluetooth soundbar?

To reset the Samsung Bluetooth soundbar, you need to unplug the soundbar from the power outlet and plug it back. If that doesn’t work, you can try pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

How do I reset my Samsung subwoofer soundbar?

You can reset your Samsung subwoofer soundbar by following the below steps:

1. Unplug the power cable from the back of your soundbar.
2. Turn off your soundbar by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.
3. Press and hold the Volume down button on your remote control until you see Factory Reset in blue letters pop up on your TV screen.
4. Once you see Factory Reset pop up, wait 10 seconds before releasing the Volume down button to complete the resetting process.
5. Now, turn the soundbar back on.

How to reset Samsung soundbar T400, T450, Q800T, HW-E450, T4 Series, etc.?

To reset Samsung soundbar T400, T450, Q800T, HW-E450, T4 Series, etc., you will require the use of your TV remote to complete. Ensure that both the TV and soundbar are powered off and disconnected from any additional devices or power sources. 

To begin resetting your soundbar, press and hold down the volume up button on the front panel for about five seconds until you see a menu appear on-screen. Next, select “Sound” using the directional navigation pad on your TV remote to access its settings. 

You should now be able to navigate through the menu by using just your remote and follow the prompts to reset your system according to your preferred settings.

Once you have completed the reset, make sure that both the TV and soundbar are turned on and connected to any additional devices or power sources, then reconnect your remote and enjoy your sound system.

How do I pair my Samsung soundbar?

Select Settings, and then select Sound. Select Sound Output, and then select Bluetooth Speaker List. Select your soundbar from the list. When the TV detects a nearby soundbar, the message Need Pairing or Paired will appear in the TV’s Bluetooth device list.

How do I connect my Samsung soundbar to my Samsung TV?

You can connect your Samsung soundbar to your Samsung TV by following the below steps:

1. Prepare an HDMI cable.
2. Connect the cable to the TV’s HDMI IN (ARC).
3. Connect to the HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) port of the soundbar.
4. Turn on the soundbar and set the Source to D.IN.
5. The TV sound will be played through your soundbar.