How To Find Technical Issues On Your Website

Finding technical issues on the website refers to the latest updates or changes on a website or the server that you hold having a direct impact on your web pages. Technical Issues like Crawling, Ability, Indexation of pages, Search rankings, Page titles, title tags, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, metadata, etc. You can take help from auditing tools to analyze the issues on your website. It does not include search analytics, keyword research, backlinks, social media marketing, Google, or Social Ads.

To find the technical issues on the website you need to hire remote developers, for your ease we’ve listed some technical issues that might occur on your website.

How to Find Technical Issues on Your Website

1. HTTPS Errors:

The security of your site is a very important and integral part of building any website and HTTPS plays a vital role in it. Using HTTPS protocol is more important than HTTP. this would cause the users or visitors to immediately bounce back from your site if your site is not secure. You can check the security of the website by typing in your domain name into Google, it will display a grey or red background with a “not secure” warning. Security is essential if you request personal information from visitors, such as email addresses or credit card numbers.

For website security, you need to buy an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority. After purchasing, install the certificate on your website and your site will be secure so that someone can not hack or stole your website’s data.

2. Slow Speed of Website:

Speed testing a web page or website plays an important role. If your website doesn’t load fast (2-3 seconds), your users will go elsewhere. For that, you need to optimize content like images, pages, and scripts. Page speed makes a difference to the user experience and to Google for website ranking. It seems very annoying if large image files do not load on time, you can cut your file sizes down! To check the speed of your website use the tools  Google PageSpeed Insights or  Page Speed to check specific speed problems with your site.

3. Duplicate Content:

Having duplicate content on a website is a top technical issue on the website, copied content will destroy your ranking and cause it to go down drastically. The issues like, E-commerce site store items occur on multiple types of the same URL or the same content appears in different languages on other sites. The simplest solution is to write unique content for each page separately. You can check duplicate content through Copyscape or Turnitin or any other free plagiarism-detecting websites.

4. Broken Links:

A link that points to nowhere, or if they are not working anymore is called a dead or broken link.  The broken links are external means that the link leads us outside of our website and when the dead links are internal that is, pointing within the website. The indication of a broken link is when you click on a broken link, you’ll be redirected to a 404 page, which displays a message showing that the page could not be found. You can find the broken link from Google Analytics. To fix it, you can delete the link, without anchor text. The Broken links sure affect your Google Ranking.

5. Mobile Optimized Website:

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized, it will affect how it’s shown on mobile devices. It is important that your site is lean and loads fast. Google ranks pages mobile separately means mobile optimization can hurt your ranking to bring in web traffic. To improve your site for mobile the most effective way is to ensure to use of a responsive website design. For that, you can take the help of a freelance software developer to optimize your website for mobile and structure your data to your mobile pages and make sure the URLs are revised to mobile URLs.


At the end of the discussion, the best practice is to fix all of the possible errors you may encounter. You may find that older websites are harder to maintain, as technical issues are constantly adapting. However, freelancers hired from remote jobs worldwide can help you tackle these problems at the source.