How To Download Music From SoundCloud [PC & Mobile]

How To Download Music From SoundCloud PC Mobile

Online streaming is very much the music medium of the moment. But what if you don’t want to eat into your internet data allowance while out and about? Or what if you live somewhere with only limited network reception, so you can’t say it’ll be robust enough for streaming? If you’re not sure how to download music from SoundCloud, the first thing you need to know is that it can be a pretty inconsistent experience.

SoundCloud allows you to listen to music and allows you to upload your own songs, audio files, and audiobooks to listen to for free. Additionally, if you tell SoundCloud the music genres you like, it’ll show suggested new content on your account based on your music taste, and you can listen to podcasts too.

The best part of SoundCloud is that there aren’t any commercial ads and interruptions as you’d find in Google’s YouTube, Deezer, and other online music streaming websites and apps for free listening.

Downloading music from SoundCloud isn’t straightforward, though. If that’s your priority, this detailed guide explains how to download SoundCloud songs to your device.

Some streaming services let you download music to play and listen wherever you like, and SoundCloud is one of them. In this blog post, we’ll show you the best method to download from SoundCloud for listening on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud Website & App

On the web, you can download tracks once you have signed in to your SoundCloud account by clicking on the download file button beneath the waveform.

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How To Download Music From SoundCloud on PC

Downloading music from SoundCloud to your PC or Mac is a doodle. So instead, follow the below-mentioned steps to download tracks from SoundCloud on your computer or laptop:

  1. Open the SoundCloud website on your PC or Mac and log in to your SoundCloud account on the web.
  2. Search for the song you want to download. The search box should say Search for artists, bands, tracks, and podcasts.
  3. Under its waveform, below the comments, you’ll see some options – click More.How To Download Music From SoundCloud on PC
  4. From the dropdown list that appears, click Download file. And that’s it.
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Please Note: Not all tracks are downloadable. If you don’t see a download file button, it means the user who uploaded it did not intend for it to be downloadable. Also, only individual songs can be downloaded from SoundCloud, not entire albums (not as one file, anyway) or playlists.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud App

If you’re using the official SoundCloud app, you can easily download any music, song, or track as long as the singer or artist has enabled the download option. To do so:

  1. Click on the search box at the top of the app.
  2. Search in the name of the song or artist and then hit Go.
  3. Tap on the song’s name. Note that clicking on the song’s waveform won’t open the song’s page.
  4. Click on Download to save the file on your device.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud On Mobile Phones

It is not possible to download music from SoundCloud on mobile devices. However, users with a SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ subscription can save content for offline listening on a mobile device.

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How To Officially Download Music From SoundCloud on Mobile

As of now, there’s no official way to download from SoundCloud onto your mobile phone or tablet without subscribing to either SoundCloud Go+ ($9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99 per month), which adds its full music catalogue, gives high-quality audio, and omits previews or SoundCloud Go ($4.99/£5.99/AU$4.99 per month). As a member, you can save playlists to your smartphone for offline listening.

If you purchase any of the above services through Apple’s App Store, it will cost more – to avoid the additional charge, head here.

Now, to add a song for offline listening in SoundCloud, just click the Download button located next to the Likes button.

Simply, add songs to that online playlist, and your offline version will automatically update.

Of course, you can also save your entire playlists and library of Likes for offline listening too. To do so, go to your offline listening settings and enable Save automatically. That’s it.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud on Android [Unofficially]

If you want to download music from SoundCloud on an Android smartphone or tablet, you have to install the SoundCloud Downloader app on your device. This app is popular among Android users because it’s designed to infiltrate SoundCloud, allowing you to download content straight from SoundCloud.

Here’s how to download songs from SoundCloud on Android:

  1. Download and install the Exposed Installer app.
  2. Open the Download section and enter SoundCloud Downloader in the search icon.
  3. Now, download and install the SoundCloud Downloader app on your Android device.
  4. Once installed, reboot your device.
  5. Open the official SoundCloud app on your device and search for the songs you want to download.
  6. Tap on the ellipse (three dots) and select Download.

All downloaded songs save in the location specified on the SoundCloud downloader app. You can also change the location right from the app’s main interface.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud on iPhone [Third-party Apps]

If you own an iPhone, you can comfortably download songs from SoundCloud using a third-party application.

Free Music Downloader is another quality, rated downloader for iPhone users. You can log into SoundCloud right from within the app. And the good thing about this app is that it supports multiple downloads simultaneously. That means saving your favourite tracks is fast and efficient.

How To Download a Song From SoundCloud on iPad

Apple iPads may be different from iPhones in terms of design and form, but they are pretty similar when it comes to downloading content from SoundCloud. To enjoy your favourite hits even without an internet connection, simply download and install either the iMusic app or Free Music Downloader.

With the iMusic app, you’re able to visit the official SoundCloud website and download any song. With Free Music Downloader, you can log into SoundCloud from within the app and save any track to listen to while you’re offline.

The Bottom Line

SoundCloud is the best place for listening to music and songs online for free and staying on top of upcoming and new artists. All of the above methods introduced are workable to download SoundCloud songs. Now, you can carry out the way best suited to your needs to save your favourite songs to your device for offline listening. I hope that you’ll find this detailed guide on how to download music from SoundCloud on Android, iPhone, iOS, desktop, laptop, PC, etc. helpful.

If you have any issues downloading songs from SoundCloud, do let us know and share your experience in the comments below.  

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