How To Connect Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and iPhone To Your TV


Are you confused about all the various options available to connect mobile devices like Android, iPhone, or iPad to your TV? This article will give you all the information you need to get cast from your small screen to the big screen.

The following are the five different ways to connect your Android, iOS, and Windows devices to your TV.


Hisense RemoteNOW app

If you are an owner of Hisense P or R Series televisions then there is good news for you. Hisense P and R Series TVs are compatible with an app released officially by Hisense called RemoteNOW. The app is available to download from both Google Play Store

and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively.

RemoteNOW app lets you use your smartphone as a remote for the TV. It can also play all the media content present on your phone directly from your device to the TV with minimal setup. As long as your television and smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network, the RemoteNOW app will detect the Smart TV and make all the streaming and control options available immediately.

Below Hisense Smart TV Series Support RemoteNOW:

– R8, R7, R6, R5, and R4
– P9, P8, P7, P6, and P5
– Q9, SX, Q8, S8E, S8, S5, S4


Connect Mobile to TV using Anyview Cast

Almost all modern televisions support a way to connect to devices wirelessly – a sort of over-the-air HDMI. Depending on your TV, you might see it named Anyview Cast or Miracast, or just Screen-Mirroring. And again, you will have to have both the devices connected on the same network, but chances are that’s already happened.

For Windows Laptop Users

In the Action Center of your PC, there is a button labeled Project. Select it, then select either duplicate (mirrors what is on your device to the TV) or extend (TV acts as a second monitor). Select Connect to a Wireless Display, select your TV and the image should appear on your TV within a few seconds.

For Android Smartphone Users

The process for Anyview Cast differs between brands of smartphones. Search your device’s settings for terms like screen share, screencast, Screen Mirroring, Wireless Display, Wi-Fi Display, dual-screen, etc. Tap that option and you should see a list of TVs to select from and cast to.


Smart TV

The good thing about Smart TVs is that they come pre-loaded with many apps on your smartphone or tablet. Instead of accessing your content on a separate device and linking to your TV, the Smart TV itself can go on the internet and play the same content.

Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Freeview Plus, ThreaterPlus, etc.


HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is the simplest and easiest way to connect a device to your TV. Most laptops have an HDMI port – if they don’t – it’s most likely that it will have a USB-C, VGA, or DisplayPort output, both of which can be converted to HDMI by using an adapter which you can purchase online from Amazon or eBay.

Whereas Apple products like iPhone and iPads will require a Lightning Digital AV Adapter that converts the Lightning port on the bottom of your device to HDMI.

Some Android devices come with an HDMI port onboard, but most will require a USB-C to HDMI adapter. If your Android smartphone uses micro USB instead of USB-C, an MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) adapter is needed.


Roku Streaming Stick+

Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, FetchTV, AndroidTV, Mi TV 4K – there are many set-top boxes available in the market that can make it easy to display all sorts of content from your mobile to your TV.

Apple Mac and iOS users will appreciate the ease of streaming connect from their devices to an Apple TV, which then displays the video on the TV within seconds. Google Chromebook and Android users can stream all the content on their phone to a relatively cheap Chromecast.

Here are some of the best streaming devices for your TV.

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