HMD Global bring global data roaming service and roaming card

HMD Global, the Finnish company known for reviving Nokia brand and bringing back its lost glory in the tech sphere has expanded its business with a new Connect Roaming Service. The company has just launched a trio Nokia phones- the Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3 Android 10 (Go Edition).

HMD has expanded its portfolio with a new roaming data service in partnership with US-based Greenwave Systems and local operators. The HMD Connect Global Data Roaming Service is a SIM-based data service that will provide roaming data connection in over 120 countries at launch. The global data service will be introduced at a starting price of €9.95.

HMD says that it will provide a hassle-free, secure and affordable roaming service to the users around the globe. The Connect roaming service will basically come handy for users who travel more often for business purposes and tourists as well.

The company notes that the new roaming service will allow users to have control of their data plans rather than what the respective carrier might charge. It will be a physical SIM service initially, however, HMD plans to shift to eSIM in the future.

HMD Connect Global Data Roaming Service

Apparently, the global roaming service is currently in beta on For those who prefer to use the service, they will have to sign up. Upon sign up a SIM card will be delivered to their address and they will have to pay a base price of €9.95 for activation.

The plan will be valid for two weeks and with a €5 upgrade in case you cross the data limit within the stipulated period. The amount of data that will be received by the user will vary depending on the region.

Notably, an HMD Connect app has already pop-up on Google Play Store. The screenshots at the Play Store cites that a user can order more than two SIM cards. There isn’t much detail about the new roaming service on the Play Store yet, but given the recent outbreak, the delay is expected.