Google’s second-gen Pixel Buds FCC listing indicates imminent release

Google Pixel Buds

COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption in the global tech community but that isn’t stopping the tech companies from showcasing their latest products. Be it Nokia’s latest smartphone lineup (Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 5.3), Xiaomi Redmi K30 series, or Huawei’s latest P40 series, these devices have made a notable debut in the past few weeks.

Now Silicon Valley tech giant Google seems to be prepping to release its new accessory- the next-generation Pixel Buds. Google’s second-gen Pixel buds appeared on US regulatory agency FCC filings which suggest that the new earbuds might be released this spring.

The listing first witnessed by 9to5Google reveals two different model numbers- G1007 and G1008. The report suggests that this could possibly correlate the filing for each earbud. The listing doesn’t specifically mention it to be the new Pixel Buds but given that earbuds reportedly showed up at Bluetooth SIG early this year and with an official release slated for this spring it is safe to assume that the filings are for the new earbuds.


To recall, Google introduced the second-gen Pixel Buds earbuds at its Made by Google last year. The new earbuds which are an improved version of the original Pixels buds come with a better design and are wireless. Google even added hands-free access to Google Assistant.

The long-range Bluetooth connection on the new Pixel Buds will let you stay connected up to three rooms away, as per the company. The next-gen Pixel Buds are compatible with Android devices running Android 6.0 OS and above, laptops with Bluetooth v4.0 and above, tablets and iOS devices. The earbuds with a new look follow an ‘intricate origami’ approach and automatically detects when it is in your ear.

The new Google Pixel Buds will offer up to five hours of continuous usage on a single charge and up to 24 hours of battery life using the case.

Google at the time of Pixel Buds debut cited that the new earbuds will be released in spring 2020 for a price of $179. While the recent FCC listing likely indicates imminent release, given the global corona pandemic Google might make an online-only announcement about the release and availability details.


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