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Google’s Indexing Bug Delays New Content in Search Results

Google, the world’s leading search engine, has recently confirmed an ongoing technical issue that is causing delays in indexing newly published web content. This glitch has raised concerns among webmasters and content creators, as the delay in indexing can significantly impact the visibility of new content in search results.

Key Highlights:

  • Google acknowledges a technical issue causing delays in indexing new content.
  • The company is actively working to identify the root cause of the problem.
  • No estimated timeline has been provided for resolving the issue.
  • The indexing delays could particularly impact news publishers as timely content might not get indexed promptly.
  • Publishers can monitor updates on this issue via the Google Search Status Dashboard.

Details of the Indexing Bug:

In a recent post, Google’s Search Liaison announced the company’s awareness of the technical issue and their active efforts to pinpoint the root cause. However, the tech giant has not provided any estimated timeline for when the problem might be resolved.

Implications for Publishers and Content Creators:

The delay in indexing means that any content published during this period might not appear in Google search results immediately. This situation is especially concerning for news publishers, as breaking news stories and other time-sensitive content may not be indexed as they should. Once the technical glitch is addressed, any previously unpublished content that was affected by this issue should be indexed by Google in its usual manner.

Current Status and Recommendation:

The current indexing problem seems to predominantly affect new content. If you’ve published new content recently, there’s a high likelihood it hasn’t been indexed yet. A quick way to verify this is by conducting a site search on Google and filtering the results by the past day or hour. For instance, multiple articles published on Search Engine Journal on the day of the glitch were not indexed, as evidenced by their search results.

To stay updated on the progress of this issue, publishers can refer to the Google Search Status Dashboard. This platform will indicate when Google has successfully addressed the problem. Until then, it’s essential to note that the search visibility for new articles and other content types might be reduced.


Google has confirmed a technical glitch causing delays in the indexing of new web content. While the company is actively working to identify and resolve the root cause, there is no provided timeline for a fix. This issue poses significant concerns for publishers, especially those in the news sector, as their timely content might not get indexed promptly. For updates on this matter, publishers are advised to keep an eye on the Google Search Status Dashboard.