Google Play Store displays download counts in store search results

Google Play Store displays download counts in store search results

Google Play Store is one of the most visited app stores across the globe because of the wide popularity of the Android operating platform. Do you want to know how many people downloaded a particular app? You can find it now because Google Play Store has been updated to display download counts from within the store search results.

In addition to the ratings, download counts are also a good indicator to determine whether to install an app or not. You will view the download count adjacent to the ratings in the list view of search results.

Google provides details such as the developer, category, rating along with each app. Moreover, you will view the Editor’s Choice badge on those apps that are highly popular among the community.

The display of download count will help you to find out the popularity of the app. You can then decide whether to download the app or not. The download count ranges from the low thousands (K+) to millions (M+) and billions (B+) for highly popular applications. The (+) Plus sign at the end indicates the public reporting of downloads in ranges.

The download count won’t appear from apps that you have already installed. The icon looks prominent and catches your eye against the text content.

Previously, the download count will show up above the Install button when you open an app listing. Hence, you would have to tap on the app listing page to view the download count. Google has started to roll out the download count functionality on Android.

COVID-19 Donation via Google Play Store

With Google, you can donate to Coronavirus relief efforts via the Play Store ranging from $5 to $100. The donation will help a long way to effectively contain the deadly virus including its containment.

Google Play Store displays download counts in store search results
Source: 9to5google

The donations will be sent to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which is an organization involved in assisting smaller groups in the treatment of the people affected by the outbreak.

The search engine giant added that the whole contribution directly goes to the non-profit. Even though you can donate directly, Google makes use of the already-existing billing information, which simplifies the process to a great extent. You need not have to pay any transaction charges. The Play Points can also be used to make donations via Google.


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