Google Meet Launched As A Replacement To Hangouts Meet

Google Meet

Google has removed hangouts branding from Google’s business suite and replaced it with Google Meet. In a blog post, the search engine giant revealed the importance of Google Meet for a secured video conferencing with making any reference about Hangouts Meet. You should note that Hangouts will remain a brand within Hangouts Chat.

Google has a habit of renaming project names and suspension of its own services. Even though the company announced the arrival of Google Meet, it will take a few more days for the Hangouts Meet to vanish completely from the globe.

The launch of Google Meet assumes significance in the wake of lockdown due to COVID-19. With IT professionals making effective use of video conferencing tools, the arrival of Google Meet will be a big bonus at the time of crisis. Moreover, Google has trapped the right opportunity because of the discovery of the recent security issues with Zoom.

The advantage of Google Meet is the activation of security controls by default. Hence, you will be able to directly work with the tool without configuring any third-party software applications for protection measures. Moreover, Google Meet includes a wide range of counter-abuse protections for the conduct of safe meetings. This includes anti-hijacking measures not only for web meetings and dial-ins.

Google Meet makes use of codes that are 10 characters long with 25 characters in the set to prevent brute force attacks. The tool limits the time required for joining the meeting for external participants for more than 15 minutes in advance. The purpose of this feature is to prevent brute force attacks. Google Meet is designed in such a way that external participants cannot join meetings without a calendar invite or in-domain invitations. Alternatively, participants can request to join the meeting, which must be accepted by an administrator.

Google also introduced several new features to enhance the remote learning experiences for students and teachers. If you are one of the creators and calendar owners, you can mute or remove other participants. As such, instructors can’t be removed or muted by students. Moreover, you will not be able to allow external participants to join via video.

Google Meet works via Google Chome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. You need not have to download any installers, which avoids the installation of security patches frequently. You can also install the Google Meet app on your smartphone.


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