Google launches Camera Go app w/ Portrait Mode for Android Go devices

Google has announced a new Camera Go app primarily designed for entry-level Android Go devices. Yes, you heard it right, the low-power devices (most of which carry QVGA camera) that offer basic camera features will now be able to deliver better output.

The new Camera Go app which is said to be a trimmed-down version of Pixel’s camera app will enable Android Go device users to shoot photos in portrait mode. Google says that the app is built deep in the camera module and ‘is not just filtering on top.’ The Camera Go app comes with a clean and simple interface and it is said to be designed for first-hand smartphone users.

Camera Go App

Image Source: Google Blog

Google further notes that like Android Go apps that barely gobble storage, the new Camera Go app will deliver the same. The app will track how much the photo or video storage space you have left and it will prompt you to clean up space.

Alongside the new Camera Go app launch, the Alphabet subsidiary has announced that Android Go is now running on more than 100 million devices worldwide. That’s a good milepost given Android Go made its debut just three years back. For those unaware, Google announced this optimized version of Android OS at its I/O annual developer conference in 2017. The Android Go edition basically focuses on optimizing the latest Android operating system to run smoothly on entry-level devices and offer a rebuilt set of Google apps customized to use less storage and data.

Google cited that the Camera Go app will be first made available on the newly launched Nokia 1.3 Android 10 (Go edition) phone. The phone was launched for a price of EUR 95. It features a 5.7-inch HD+ display, Qualcomm 215 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 16GB storage,  8 MP rear camera, and 5 MP front camera and a 3000mAh battery.

While Google is putting its effort to mobilize its optimized Android ecosystem to every corner around the globe, its latest feature will surely encourage users to buy Android Go edition phones mostly those who want a budget phone with decent camera options.