Google I/O 2020 canceled Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Google IO 2020

The deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken a heavy toll on tech companies. After Facebook and Microsoft, Google also announced the cancellation of the annual Google I/O conference due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Google I/O was scheduled to be held between May 12 to May 14 at Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA.

Google also recently cancelled the Cloud Next event and opted for a digital-first event. We expect the company to hold a digital Google I/O event where the new products and the new Android version are expected to find limelight. However, there is no official confirmation from the part of the company.

According to Google Spokesperson, the Google I/O 2020 was canceled due to the health concerns surrounding the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. The company gives great importance to the health of the attendees, stakeholders and the employees.

As per the guidance issued by the CDC, WHO and other health authorities, the company decided to cancel the physical Google I/O.

He also added that the team is currently looking at the possibility of holding an alternative way to continue connecting with the developer community. It remains to be seen as to whether the company will conduct a digital event like other companies.

About Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) originates from Wuhan, China by the end of December 2019 and is currently spreading across the world. The virus spreads through human contact and via respiratory droplets. The lunar new year was extended in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The countries and health authorities around the world have been issuing guidelines to tackle the virus. In India, the Coronavirus was initially reported in Kerala and the Central Government had opened separate isolation centers in the Army base camp.

Google I/O Refund Initiation

What happens to the developers who had already paid? They need not have to worry because Google will initiate refunds by March 13.

Moreover, if you had already purchased tickets to attend the event, Google will most likely give you credit for the ticket during Google I/O 2021. If you are unable to cancel the air ticket that you had booked to attend Google I/O, then the company could provide the ticket in 2021.

Google makes use of the event to showcase new products such as Google Home smart speakers. Moreover, the company typically unveils a new Android version during the event including updates to Google Maps.

Even though Google Pixel smartphones won’t be launched during Google I/O, the search engine giant will introduce several key features and improvements via a big software update.

Conferences Canceled Due To Coronavirus

In addition to Google I/O, Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, and Game Developer Conferences stand canceled. Microsoft announced that they won’t be attending the Game Developer Conference to protect their employees from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Microsoft also canceled the Microsoft MVP Summit scheduled to be held in Redmond from March 16 to 19. Apple will also most likely follow the same path and will cancel the upcoming WWDC 2020.

Even though the opportunity to witness the products, live launches and networking will be missed, the companies are going ahead with the digital event. Just yesterday, Xiaomi India canceled all the in-person live product launches in March to protect Mi Fans, employees and media staff from the Coronavirus.


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