GitHub for mobile now available for download on Android and iOS

GitHub for mobile now available for download on Android and iOS

After a long wait, GitHub for mobile has become a reality. You can now download GitHub for mobile on Android and iOS devices via Google Play Store and App Store respectively. The GitHub for mobile was under the beta testing stage since November 2019. The company has integrated feedback from developers based on the series of beta releases. With the help of GitHub for mobile, you can keep in touch with the team and triage issues. You can even merge code directly from your mobile device irrespective of the location.

According to GitHub, beta testers have successfully completed the commenting, reviewing and merging of nearly one hundred thousand pull requests during the last few weeks. The developers also made thousands of team interactions ever since the first beta release of the GitHub mobile app.

With the help of the GitHub for mobile, you can easily swipe to finish a particular task or save the notification for future purposes. You can perform a wide range of activities by swiping from the right-hand side. You will view two options namely Save and Done.

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The mobile app enables you to respond to comments and provide feedback on the go without affecting your work schedule. The GitHub for mobile enables you to merge and mark pull requests to breeze your workflow. The integration of seamless notification will go a long way for the developers to enhance their productivity. The app also enables you to collaborate in a dark mode based on your device preferences. The dark mode is designed in such a way that it adapts to every screen size.

GitHub for mobile is available for Android and iOS platforms for individual plans, Team, and Enterprise Cloud plans. The company will add new features and improvements including APIs in the upcoming months. Towards the end of 2020, GitHub is planning to provide support for Enterprise Server in their quest to make the mobile apps even better.

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