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Gboard Issues Plague Galaxy Watch Users Running Wear OS 4

A recent bug has emerged in the Wear OS 4 for Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch models, causing the Google keyboard, Gboard, to vanish when users need it the most.

Key Highlights:

  • Gboard, although not pre-installed on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models running Wear OS, is a recommended installation due to its superior voice dictation and QWERTY layout support.
  • Some users have reported that Gboard disappears, showing only a blank screen when summoned.
  • Reports from Reddit and Google’s support forums have highlighted this issue over the past few weeks.
  • The problem seems to be affecting Galaxy Watch 6, Watch 5, and Watch 4 series models.
  • Not all apps are affected by this issue. Some of the apps facing this problem include Google Keep, Todoist, Samsung’s Reminder and Alarm apps, TickTick, and more.
  • The issue seems to be exclusive to Wear OS 4, particularly on Samsung’s skinned version. Pixel Watch 2 running Wear OS 4 does not seem to have this problem.

Details on the Issue:

Gboard has been a popular choice for many smartwatch users due to its enhanced voice dictation capabilities and support for a QWERTY layout. However, recent reports suggest that users of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models running Wear OS are facing issues with the keyboard. Instead of the usual keyboard interface, they are greeted with a blank screen when trying to type.

Various reports from users on platforms like Reddit and Google’s support forums have brought this issue to light. Android Police was among the first to highlight this ongoing problem.

Interestingly, the issue doesn’t seem to be widespread across all apps. Some apps like Google Keep, Todoist, Samsung’s native Reminder and Alarm apps, TickTick, among others, seem to be affected.

While the problem appears to be associated with Wear OS 4, it seems to be particularly prevalent on Samsung’s customized version of the OS. In contrast, Pixel Watch 2, which also runs on Wear OS 4, has not reported such issues. This has led to speculations that the problem might be limited to Samsung’s watches.


The emergence of this Gboard issue on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models running Wear OS 4 is concerning for users who rely heavily on the keyboard for their smartwatch interactions. While the exact cause of the problem is still unclear, it underscores the importance of thorough software testing, especially when rolling out updates or new features. Samsung and Google will likely need to address this issue promptly to ensure a seamless user experience for their smartwatch users.

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