Fortnite v12.20 adds helicopters in the game; Here’s how to locate them

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In good news for Fortnite fans, the creators of the game have at long last added helicopters so that players can easily get around on the map. As indicated by a new report in EuroGamer, helicopters are sufficiently large to fit an entire crew. As part of the theme of the game, helicopters will be called ‘Choppas‘.

This comes after gamers had been seeing helipads springing up inside the game’s map from time to time. The ‘Choppas’ accompany Fortnite’s v12.20 update. The update that finally rolled out on Tuesday, presents a few other minor changes. Although Helicopters are not equipped with any weapons, Fortnite players will be capable of taking shots at their enemies from above.


However, this is not the first time makers of the game have included an airborne vehicle in Fortnite. Previously, Fortnite’s Wintry season had witnessed the inclusion of planes. The planes, notwithstanding, didn’t get a decent reaction from the gamers because of their capacity to break structures and cause critical damage to the plane even with small-scale firearms.

This time, however, the makers of Fortnite seem to have learned from their past missteps and let go of any weapons onboard the vehicle. Fortnite follows in the footsteps of other battle royale games like PUBG, which allows players to fly around inside the map.

What’s the location of helicopters in Fortnite?

‘Choppas’ is located on helipads specked around the Island’s secret bases. If you recall, the helipads began showing up in the map ever since the start of the current Fortnite season. It was the indication that helicopters will soon become a part of the game. Henceforth, Fortnite’s expansion of these choppers doesn’t come as quite a bit of amazement to the gamers.

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