Facebook New AI Allows You To Turn Any 2D Photo Into 3D Photo

Facebook’s new feature now enables you to create 3D photo without a portrait mode camera. The new feature allows you to decorate the photos in such a way of moving 3D background. The 3D Photos capability is currently available in the Facebook app. You can either use Android or iPhone device to add 3D flavor to your old and boring 2D photos.

With the evolution of dual-lens smartphone cameras, the arrival of 3D photos looks like a blessing in disguise. The next-generation smartphones released over the past one year include portrait mode, which automatically captures the subject matter precisely while blurring the background. You will be able to know the object but the background will not be clearly visible. The 3D photos technology adopted by Facebook is capable of creating an improved image while the background appears to move from various directions.

Portrait Mode Not Required

According to Facebook, the portrait mode photos are not necessary for the creation of 3D photos. The concept is to transform your old 2D photos to 3D via advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The system is designed in such a way that it accepts any images captured using an Android or iOS app using a standard single camera.

You can also make use of your old scanned photos that you stored on your phone or laptop. Moreover, it is also possible to transform standard selfies to 3D selfies.

Technological Challenges

In a blog post, the Facebook product team revealed that the 3D photos algorithm was developed after several technical challenges. It requires training a model, which accurately points out the 3D positions of the subject matter. Moreover, the optimization process requires various permutations and combinations in such a way that the technology works with mobile chipsets within seconds.

The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) was used to train millions of public 3D images and the companion depth maps. The mobile optimization technologies such as FBNet and ChamNet was also used to refine the process of the 3D photo.

Facebook has outlined the various engineering frameworks used for the processing of 2D photos to 3D photos. The neural network deeply looks at your photo and makes wild guesses on the overall depth of each pixel.

Facebook recommends you use either Apple iPhone 7 or higher or budget Android smartphone. Moreover, the new feature will only work via the app and not through the website. We expect the company to drop in regular updates after listening to customer feedback.